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Night Flight

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The 1980s were the dawning of the age of MTV, a time when the music world was heavily influenced by TV visuals. Decades later, the era is still fondly recalled by nostalgia-drunk fans. IFC taps into that popularity by revising "Night Flight." The cult late-night series originally aired from 1981 to 1989, becoming one of the first outlets for Americans to see music documentaries, and music videos presented as a serious art form. The revised version is crisply edited -- 15-minute showcases of the most memorable rock star interviews, performances, animation and videos from the original series.

Latest episodes

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The bands that brought the synthesizer out of the avant-garde and into the pop stratosphere.
VOD available
A seductive take on pop music and the cosmopolitan lovers that inspired it.
VOD available
Two of the most feverishly creative frontmen in modern music history.
VOD available
Guitar tips from a master and tour footage with a powerhouse vocalist and her conflicted partner.
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A pop heir charts his own course; a look at the career of rock's vanguard vocalist and song stylist.
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Lyrical sophistication and songwriting elegance define two of modern music's most compelling figures.
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A close look at a lost rock icon and a glam-punk bard, both known to have broken a heart or two.
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A look at one of '80s punk's rare surviving acts and a 1960s songwriting icon.
aired 48 days ago
A discussion with one of rock `n' roll's most iconic image makers; a grandmaster talks about the culture of New York hip-hop; iconic rock photography; rare footage.
VOD available
An escape to unreality with late '80s alt rock; hooked on love with a stylish soul soloist.
aired 58 days ago
A Jekyll and Hyde-like interview with one of horror's most infamous villains; a retrospective of the Washington D.C. punk scene of the 1980s.
aired 75 days ago
Rare footage of groundbreaking hardcore punk; exclusive interviews with Australia's biggest rock band.
VOD available
Rare footage of lost 1960s icons and a candid interview with a legendary pop deity.
aired 105 days ago
A close look at an anonymous group of video experimenters and two influential blues guitarists; new music videos; rare performance footage.
aired 110 days ago
Candid interviews and rare performance footage from two titans of modern music; revealing interviews with music icons and concert clips.
aired 112 days ago
Cult films, retro animation and a visit from the Shock Rock Goddess herself; featuring candid interviews.
aired 112 days ago
Classic interviews featuring legends of heavy metal and punk rock; animation, rock gods, comedy, and film icons.
aired 161 days ago
Dr. Ruth interviews celebrity guests and offers valuable relationship advice; viewers call in with a variety of questions.
aired 171 days ago
Legendary hard rock metal and video music pioneers talk shop; featuring cartoons, film icons, and a divine drag queen.