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NFL Monday QB

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Media elite break down NFL games from a QB perspective.

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If you're a football fan in general, and specifically of the intricacies of playing the quarterback position, then "Gruden's QB Camp" is not to be missed. The series of specials features former Super Bowl-winning coach and current "Monday Night Football" analyst Jon Gruden in one-on-one, in-depth coaching sessions and film study with quarterback draft prospects. Gruden preps a custom lesson for each prospect that highlights strengths and identifies areas of improvement for the QB to be successful at the NFL level. An on-field workout concludes each program. Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are among the quarterbacks who have participated. The series also occasionally features non-quarterbacks, perhaps most notably Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o.
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Millions of NFL fans live in a fantasy world, where survival depends on successfully navigating the twists and turns of a grueling season. After all, relying on a second-string quarterback or an untested wide receiver to come up big is usually foolhardy. Avoiding such predicaments takes plenty of preparation, and that's where "NFL Fantasy Live" comes into play. Hosts Matt "Money" Smith and James Koh provide the advice and analysis fantasy fans need to make winning lineup decisions. And being armed with the latest player updates, stats and trends goes a long way toward turning fantasies into championships.
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A unique perspective on the heroes and personalities of the NFL.
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Replays of past NFL games.
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A look at the most prestigious quarterback event in the country, with high school seniors selected through an exhaustive process to be coached by current and former NFL quarterbacks.
The Emmy-winning "Inside the NFL" series has been going strong for well over 30 years, even after moving from HBO to Showtime before the 2008 NFL season. The cast may change every few years, with various hosts and analysts offering their take on football action, but the content has remained fairly consistent since its 1977 debut. In-depth highlights of that week's games, feature segments, and predictions are still the core of the show airing weekly during the NFL season and through the postseason. In 2014 wide receiver Brandon Marshall became an analyst, the first active player to serve in the role in the program's history.
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Replays of classic NFL games.
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A look at greatest games in NFL history.