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A unique perspective on the heroes and personalities of the NFL.

Latest episodes

aired 142 days ago
A unique perspective on the heroes and personalities of the NFL.
aired 177 days ago
All the sights and sounds from Super Bowl LIV in Miami.
aired 191 days ago
First time football players wired for sound; NFL and music stars share the same field in Georgia; a legendary flag football tournament in New York City.
aired 191 days ago
The 50th anniversary of Hank Stram's legendary Super Bowl wire; honoring an L.A. institution; the remarkable career of defensive back Everson Walls.
aired 194 days ago
A look at Dallas Cowboy Jaylon Smith's remarkable comeback story. Plus, why coaches and officials don't always see eye to eye on the rules.
aired 198 days ago
The greatest NFL Films shots from the 2019 season, and the best of players and coaches wired for sound.
aired 204 days ago
Jerry Rice's biggest fan finally gets to meet him; the Ice Bowl from the Sky; the Buckeye Boys; remembering those we lost in 2019.
aired 212 days ago
Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, sports commentator and actor, Don Meredith.
aired 219 days ago
A unique perspective on the heroes and personalities of the NFL.
aired 223 days ago
Meet the Ginns, the Switzers, and the Edmunds.
aired 240 days ago
Colts guard Quenton Nelson reluctantly finds the spotlight; a high school coach who loves her job and is teaching pro players; a New York Giants legend who has never played a down in the NFL.
aired 243 days ago
Charissa Thompson visits with former NFL receiver Ed McCaffrey and his wife Lisa to learn about one of America's most successful football families; why Juneau, Alaska is a special place to play high school football.
aired 247 days ago
Meeting the first former NFL player to enter into a same-sex marriage and his family; an in-depth look at "The Season" so far.
aired 253 days ago
Host Charissa Thompson joins Colts head coach Frank Reich, who explains his athletic and spiritual journey; the life and times of former NFL assistant Bob Wylie; a Hall of Fame writer pens an ode to assistant coaches.
aired 274 days ago
Host Charissa Thompson gets some dance lessons from the Colts' Darius Leonard; ball carriers who can't keep their feet on the ground; how a seven-mile run is just part of the incredible legacy of the Patriots' first-ever draft pick.
aired 282 days ago
A unique perspective on the heroes and personalities of the NFL.
aired 289 days ago
The unique story behind free Redskins tickets and Operation Flagship; a special word for special teamers; the connection between Robert Kraft and the Boston Lobsters.
aired 303 days ago
Host Charissa Thompson profiles Minnesota receiver Adam Thielen; the receiver who holds the NFL record for most receiving yards in a game.
aired 312 days ago
Host Charissa Thompson sits down with a group of University of Maryland fraternity brothers who helped move the Colts out of Baltimore; fullbacks in today's NFL; a Wilder birthday party.
aired 313 days ago
A look at the NFL's secret weapons.
aired 324 days ago
Unique aspects about the protagonists, heroes and personalities of the NFL.

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