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Never Say Goodbye

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The stories of murder investigations as told from the points-of-view of the last people to see the victims alive.

Latest episodes

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Model Julie has the world at her fingertips, then her life comes to an end after an unknown man snatches her from a bar; hundreds of suspects keep police on their toes, until a hot tip points them towards a hunter on the loose.
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When a man finds his teenage daughter murdered, a family fights for justice; the killer remains at large until police uncover a cold-blooded betrayal and expose their quiet town's dark underbelly.
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When a newly retired schoolteacher vanishes into thin air, his daughter fears the worst, but nothing can prepare her for the series of mysterious events that will follow, revealing a world of deception and double identity.
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A man returns home to find his wife viciously murdered just steps away from their infant daughter; the clues point to someone she knows, so everyone is a suspect; then, investigators uncover a dark secret and expose a cold-blooded killer.
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When 30-year old Katrina Smith goes missing, her family stops at nothing to find her; the search for Katrina reveals that her once-perfect life was coming apart at the seams and her darkest fears were all too real.
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A woman's worst nightmare comes true when her son goes missing; the search comes up empty until a motorist makes a horrific discovery; nothing can prepare the townspeople for the revelation that evil has been hiding in plain sight.