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Nate and Jeremiah: Save My House

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A dynamic duo revitalizes their hometown one property at a time.

Latest episodes

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A small kitchen leaves a couple with no space to host a big family and threatens to end their traditional 40-year gatherings.
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Novices Brandy and Steve fail miserably to complete their renovation projects; Nate and Jeremiah help them create a home where they connect better as a family and create memories that will last.
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Andy and Shea are stuck in renovation limbo and it's so bad they've put their marriage on hold.
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Nate and Jeremiah step in to help a man keep a promise to his wife to turn their hilltop fixer-upper into a dream home.
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After a job loss and finding out they're pregnant, the men face a deadline to save a renovation before their second baby comes.
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Nate and Jeremiah help a couple whose house has HVAC and mold problems that require their kids to sleep on a sofa.
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Nate and Jeremiah step in to aid a couple whose renovation has gotten away from them and is further complicated by her medical problems.
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Nicole's dad is recovering from cancer treatments, but a recent flood has ruined her kitchen and has to be fixed before he can move in.
airs in 2 days
Indecision during a family renovation stalls progress and drives the family apart; Nate and Jeremiah work to brighten the space and create room where the family can spend time together.
airs in 9 days
The Big Room is in need of a renovation at the Covenant House, a youth homeless shelter in Hollywood, Calif.; Nate and Jeremiah step in to help transform the space into the Family Room.

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As a regular guest on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" as well as the host of his own syndicated talker, interior designer Nate Berkus used charm, good looks and professional know-how to establish a solid rapport with viewers. Now he's back on TV, this time in a venture that co-stars his husband -- fellow designer Jeremiah Brent -- and their baby daughter, Poppy. Hourlong episodes follow the couple at work as they rescue homeowners who are trapped in nightmare renovation projects and cannot see an end in sight. Using unique design pieces to add character and a personal touch, Nate and Jeremiah transform each home's layout into a practical yet stylish space. However, the most important job they face is to raise Poppy. The proud parents bring the audience inside their private lives to see how they spend time with "the girl that changed everything."