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Nat Geo Wild Kids

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Teaching kids about the world and how it works and empowering them to make it a better place.

Latest episodes

aired 143 days ago
Surrounded with whales, dolphins and porpoises; watching Sophia Allen take care of a beautiful batch of baby deer.
aired 150 days ago
Hop on a wild animal ride.
aired 157 days ago
A wild ocean adventure.
aired 164 days ago
Journey on a wild animal adventure.
aired 178 days ago
Join in the fun with beautiful birds, bizarre bugs and brutish bears.
aired 199 days ago
Cute and cuddly alert.
aired 199 days ago
Teaching children about the world, how it works and empowering them to make it a better place.
aired 213 days ago
Blasting off into outer space.
aired 220 days ago
A look at some of the wildest animals.
aired 227 days ago
The reptiles that roam the planet.
aired 248 days ago
A dog-filled episode.
aired 409 days ago
Trip over tricky tongue twisters and get stumped by silly knock-knock jokes.
aired 416 days ago
Barking up a storm with peculiar pet pals.
aired 423 days ago
Traveling back in time to meet some miraculous creatures.
aired 437 days ago
A journey into the wild for exploration and adventure.
aired 465 days ago
Wild, wagging adventures.
aired 507 days ago
Play time with puppies.
aired 521 days ago
Explore and learn about some freaky fun creatures.
aired 528 days ago
A look at amazing animals around the United States.
aired 535 days ago
The best animal jobs.
aired 542 days ago
Learning about dinosaurs; leaping to new heights with flying squirrels; a Bark Mitzvah.