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Naked And Afraid: Feral Fashion

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Latest episodes

aired 51 days ago
All-star survivalists Laura Zerra and Steven Hall are dropped onto a frigid, snow-covered tundra in Alaska, 300 miles from the Arctic Circle. They use furs and skins to keep themselves warm.
aired 51 days ago
Two sets of adventurists separately endure the jungles of Panama for ten days. A survivalist makes sandals out of vines to protect her and her partners' feet from the searing heat.
aired 51 days ago
Survivalists struggle to survive a sweltering Brazilian jungle. A competitor fashions shoes out of a piece of rawhide and a bikini top out of palm leaves.
aired 135 days ago
Three people form a team and attempt to survive the 21-day challenge in the jungles of Ecuador. A survivalist makes sandals, a necklace and a bug brush out of a warthog.