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Mysterious Islands

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Pilot and travel journalist Kellee Edwards seeks out the most remote islands on Earth, hoping to uncover the secrets they hold.

Latest episodes

aired 290 days ago
Kellee Edwards heads to Alaska's Aleutian Islands to investigate the disappearance of America's earliest people; Kellee finds evidence of a sophisticated culture thriving at the edge of the habitable world a millennia before the pyramids were built.
aired 290 days ago
Kellee Edwards travels to South Korea's Jeju Island to find out why it's known as Asia's "island of dominant women;" she investigates to see if the answer lies in Jeju's connection to a goddess or in a more recent, but much darker, reason.
aired 290 days ago
Kellee Edwards travels to Georgia's untouched island of Sapelo, where attempts to develop the island have ended in tragedy and untimely deaths; the island is inhabited by the descendants of enslaved Africans who struggle to protect their culture.
aired 290 days ago
Kellee Edwards treks to the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, where she learns that Torajan people continue living after death; in a bizarre and haunting funeral ceremony, Kellee learns the truth of the Torajan belief in life after life.