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My Hero Academia

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In a world where those with powers are known as "Quirks," Izuku Midoriya has aspirations to one day become a hero but there's a catch -- he isn't a Quirk. After a tragic accident involving his friend Katuski Bakugo; Midoriya is the only one to have stepped forward to help protect Bakugo from a villain, because of his acts, he is given a gift by the world's greatest hero, All Might. Now, Midoriya attends U.A. School--a school that cultivates the next generation of superheroes.

Latest episodes

aired today
Todoroki, Kirishima and Midoriya want to go after Bakugo, but the class rep stands in their way; Shigaraki makes Bakugo an offer.
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The training camp battle comes to a finish, leaving everyone with things to deal with.
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As the training in the forest continues, the Vanguard Action Squad hopes to clinch their goal.
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Izuku relays a message for Mandalay to broadcast.
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Izuku must reach Kota as the villains begin their attack.
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Izuku hopes to have a conversation with Kota as the forest training session continues.
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For the class' first summer camp challenge, they must survive The Beast's Forest before noon.
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Class 1-A trains in a swimming pool before going to camp.
aired 56 days ago
When Class 1-A goes to the mall to buy supplies for training camp, Tomura Shigaraki talks to Izuku.
aired 63 days ago
Izuku and Katsuki fight All Might to finish off their practical exams; Katsuki's jealousy over Izuku's performance becomes a major concern in the match.
aired 70 days ago
Izuku watches the rest of his classmates fight in their practical exams as they remember why they want to be heroes.
aired 77 days ago
The exams turn out to be much more challenging than the students expected.
aired 84 days ago
Mr. Aizawa tells the students about their final exams; the final exams begin with the three-day written test followed by the the beginning of the practical exams.
aired 91 days ago
As the students return to their daily lives after their internships, All Might tells Izuku about the history of One For All.
aired 98 days ago
As Izuku, Tenya and Todoroki recover from their fight with Stain, the other members of Class 1-A work hard at their internships.
aired 105 days ago
Stain is finally captured, but while the hero community deals with the consequences, an even greater challenge is set in motion.
aired 126 days ago
Izuku, Iida and Todoroki face off against Stain while the pro heroes in Hosu City fight against the Nomus.
aired 133 days ago
Stain strikes again and the students must confront him.
aired 140 days ago
As the students continue their internships, Midoriya gains a better understanding of his Quirk, One for All.
aired 147 days ago
The internships begin; while everyone adjusts to their new tasks, Midoriya starts training with Gran Torino, the same man who once taught All Might.
aired 161 days ago
Mr. Aizawa instructs the students to choose their hero names; Midoriya and his classmates each choose an agency to join for a one-week internship.

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