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Homebuying can be a stressful and exhausting process, especially for the first time. "My First Place" follows the stories of first-time homebuyers as they navigate everything from getting a mortgage to finding the perfect home that fits their needs. Real estate experts guide their clients as they attempt to stay within their budget while outbidding other offers in competitive housing markets all around the U.S. Whether it is rising rents or a move for a new job, these folks are ready to make a big step toward owning their own home.

Latest episodes

aired 354 days ago
An engaged couple is ready to buy their first home together in Atlanta, but they each have different expectations for the perfect place.
aired 361 days ago
Young newlyweds hope to land their dream home by the ocean; they learn that beach living comes with a high price and must weigh their coastal and inland options before making a decision.
aired 368 days ago
An engaged couple try to find a compromise between move-in ready and fixer upper before they tie the knot.
aired 375 days ago
A couple of first-time buyers search for a home with a yard for their dog around the city of Austin, Texas.
aired 382 days ago
WNBA player Shay is ready to take the biggest shot of her life as a first-time home buyer in the Los Angeles valley.

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On his popular DIY Network series "Holmes on Homes" and "Holmes Makes It Right," contractor Mike Holmes rescues homeowners who have been the ultimate victims of renovation nightmares. "Holmes: Buy It Right" flips the script; it's all about helping home buyers secure the all-American dream. In each episode, Mike leads a couple on an inspection of their top three home choices and points out the positives and negatives of each property so they can make an informed decision, not just an emotional one. He teaches lessons on how to stay on budget, negotiate a better sale price, and arms buyers with information like potential expenses for future repair costs.
When a person gets into a serious relationship, one of the important things to consider is where they will live when moving in together -- will one move into the other's existing home, or will the partners move into a completely new residence? "Yours, Mine or Ours" tries to help couples make that decision. Los Angeles real estate tycoon Reza Farahan and interior designer Taylor Spellman offer their expertise to help the couples in their deliberations. Farahan and Spellman help the couples reach one of two decisions: renovate one of their current homes to satisfy the partner's needs or combine their budgets to buy a new place to live. Spellman presents the couples with 3-D renderings of how they can transform their current spaces, while Farahan tempts each couple by showing two new properties that they can make their own. In the end, though, the final decision -- yours, mine or ours -- is made by the couple.
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Families on the hunt for mountain views and wide-open spaces turn to a duo of real estate experts in Montana to find their dream homes. In the series "Mountain Mamas," busy moms Jackie Wickens and Trecie Wheat Hughes help their clients find reasonably priced properties to fit their needs. With Jackie's background in construction and Trecie's skills in interior design, the friends lend their talents to each project by creating custom designs and renovations. Features including a media room decorated to look like a vintage movie theater and an outdoor living room with a fireplace are just some of the creations in store for the series. Whatever the challenge, these mountain gals are ready to tackle it and have fun to boot.
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Relaxing, calm suburban living faces off against the busy, hectic city life in "City vs. Burbs." Homebuyers looking to put down roots and call somewhere home weigh the pros and cons of each lifestyle, but it's never simple or easy when making such a life-changing decision. Will dazzling nightlife and trendy restaurants make up for less square footage or will rolling lawns and spacious floor plans outweigh a lengthy commute? Families must decide what they're willing to compromise before deciding where to buy a home.
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After reaching the limits of their current houses, homeowners look to the advice of real estate and home renovation experts Brad and Heather Fox. The Minnesota-based couple presents its clients with two options - renovate their current home to maximize the space they already have or buy another property that can be customized. After a decision has been made, Brad and Heather get to work creating the house of their dreams. Living in one of the hottest real estate markets in the country, they help Minneapolis families find all that they need in a home without leaving the neighborhood.
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Two brothers go against each other as they each mentor home improvement experts for a prize.
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HGTV's "Flip or Flop" franchise moves to the Lone Star State, where military veterans Andy and Ashley Williams purchase rundown properties in and around Fort Worth and transform them into modern family homes. Working around tight budgets and even tighter timelines, Andy, a real estate agent and home renovator, and his wife, designer Ashley, gut the structures save for original features that most appeal to buyers. Episodes also highlight the couple's commitment to hiring fellow veterans to assist on the projects. Andy and Ashley met while serving in the United States Armed Forces in Iraq.
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People seeking to buy their first home receive coaching from real estate professionals on the many challenges that process entails. Financial wake-up calls and various compromises ranging from location to home size can often intrude in the stress-filled search, and deal-breakers seem to lurk around every corner. But the reward? Keys to a first home, and a lifetime of memories.
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The "Property Brothers," Drew and Jonathan Scott, take their tag-team real estate partnership to the next level in "Buying and Selling." Drew helps home buyers find the right property to purchase, but before closing on the deal, the buyers' current home needs attention, and lots of it, in order to make it salable. That's where Jonathan comes in. To leverage its value, Jonathan comes up with a plan to breathe fresh life into the home, and he and his contracting team take over from there. Drew then oversees the selling of the renovated home and the buying of a new house.