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My Dog Ate What?

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Stories of dogs swallowing unbelievable objects.

Latest episodes

aired 310 days ago
A look at some canines with a serious sweet tooth that will leave some of these pets in life-threatening situations.
aired 371 days ago
A dog eats two batteries and a rock; a dog eats two boxes of cereal, box and all.
aired 371 days ago
A dog consumes a lethal dose of rat poison; a dog eats three tennis balls; a cockatoo eats 74 zipper teeth.
aired 371 days ago
A skewered corncob; thong underwear; a five-foot leash; 27 baby pacifiers; a chew toy; $800.
aired 413 days ago
A German Shepherd snacks on its owner's hobby; a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a bad hair day; a yellow Labrador ruins breakfast for his owner.
aired 310 days ago
A Siberian-Husky with a mystery diagnosis; an Old English Sheepdog wrapped up in the holiday spirit; a Golden Retriever with a treat.
aired 413 days ago
A Dachshund's toxic snack; a Mastiff's serve; a Beagle that licks up just about everything except the kitchen sink.
aired 310 days ago
Dogs who gulp down everything from lavish objects to dollar bills, often leading to serious surgeries and expensive medical bills.
aired 310 days ago
A taste for something on the farm; a Jack Russell Terrier gets hooked; an epileptic Saint Bernard takes more than his daily dose.
aired 371 days ago
A dog overdoses on muscle relaxants; a dog eats 28 tampons; a cat eyes a needle and thread.
aired 371 days ago
Dogs get into trouble by endangering a marriage ceremony.

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