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My Crazy Love

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Meat Loaf won a Grammy for things he would do for love -- and what he wouldn't. People featured in "My Crazy Love" either don't have a limit to what they would not do for a mate or their limits are so far out that they haven't reached them yet. Episodes feature people sharing personal stories of times when ardor led them to extreme behavior or embarrassing acts, including jumping from an airplane or hiding in a person's closet. Interviews and re-enactments of stories bring out details. Celebrities appear on occasion to share outrageous tales.

Latest episodes

aired 369 days ago
Tina is overwhelmed when a hot guy approaches her and pretends to be deaf; Adrienne Bailon struggles with her disgust for tomatoes and fear of heights.
aired 439 days ago
When Jasmine thinks her boyfriend is cheating, she retaliates; Cheryl almost passes up a lifetime opportunity to keep her man.
aired 626 days ago
Alex holds auditions for a hot new model girlfriend, hoping to make his ex jealous; Jenny studies her crush and uses his hobbies to meet him.