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Museum Secrets Revealed

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Some of the most fascinating stories in the world's most famous museums are hidden in restricted areas, including backrooms and basements, that are not accessible by members of the public. "Museum Secrets Revealed" takes viewers behind the scenes at museums around the world to highlight obscure collections and use cutting-edge research to unlock their secrets, as promised in the title. Among the facilities explored in the series are the Louvre in Paris, New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Mexico City's National Museum of Anthropology.

Latest episodes

aired 596 days ago
A tour inside the Uffizi Gallery and around the city of Florence reveals mysteries involving the 15th Century Mafia, a murderous artist, and a deadly love of alchemy.
aired 596 days ago
Enemy warplanes; brave pigeons; Civil War doctors; a trip to Mars.
aired 598 days ago
The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England stores thousands of relics that tell little known stories of Britain's battles and explorations at sea.
aired 598 days ago
The prized possessions of Spanish kings and queens.
aired 600 days ago
The Palace of Versailles is explored.
aired 600 days ago
The State Historical Museum of Moscow contains artifacts that tell fascinating and little known stories about Russia's past and its most historic figures.
aired 611 days ago
Tunisia's Bardo Museum as a "Star Wars" film location.
aired 613 days ago
Peter and Catherine the Great and Rasputin.
aired 620 days ago
Ancient Greek figures from Alexander the Great to Agamemnon.
aired 660 days ago
A stunning art collection and secrets about the royal Habsburg family.

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