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Muppet Babies Show and Tell Shorts

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Latest episodes

aired 558 days ago
Fozzie Bear tells the world's greatest knock-knock joke for show-and-tell.
aired 559 days ago
Princess Piggy wants to let Kermit show off the tree house for show-and-tell but he has to follow a few royal rules first.
aired 560 days ago
Piggy tries to put together a super fabulous costume for her show-and-tell.
aired 561 days ago
Piggy wants to star in her very own play for show-and-tell but Gonzo has his own ideas to make her play Gonzo-tastic.
aired 564 days ago
Animal performs the world's greatest drum solo for Piggy and Gonzo during his rocktastic show and tell.
aired 565 days ago
When Kermit can't decide which toy to bring for show-and-tell, he decides to show all of them.
aired 566 days ago
Summer pops on her beret and and shows off her Summer Penguins Totally Awesome Museum of Art for show-and-tell.
aired 567 days ago
Gonzo the Great performs his favorite stunt of sailing through the air, over the pond and into a bathtub of peaches.
aired 568 days ago
Kermit and Fozzie want to show their favorite game for show-and-tell but can't agree on what game is their favorite.
aired 571 days ago
Kermit and the Muppet Babies give a tour of the playroom.