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Mummies Never Die

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Born in Cairo, Ramy Romany brings his experience as a world-renowned Egyptologist to his role as host of this Travel Channel series. He crisscrosses the globe, investigating history's greatest mysteries by unearthing hidden tombs, spelunking into unexplored caves and prying answers from cold, dead fingers. Was Moses an Egyptian pharaoh? Did the Inca sacrifice their children to an alien god? Did the U.S. government cover up the assassination of President Lincoln? Romany risks life and limb to find the answers to these questions and more on "Mummies Never Die."

Latest episodes

aired 341 days ago
A mass grave discovered in an underwater cavern instills dread into the locals that an ancient Maya snake demon still lurks in the jungles of the Yucatan; mutilated mummies dredged from European swamps point to pagan witchcraft origins.
aired 348 days ago
A pirate's corpse could lead Ramy to a treasure valued at over $100 million. A newly discovered structure under the pyramids may hold the key to immortality.
aired 355 days ago
A missing mummy could rewrite the history of President Abraham Lincoln's assassination; Ramy Romany investigates a possible cover-up that allowed John Wilkes Booth to escape capture; mummified Incan children reveal an alien connection.
aired 362 days ago
Archaeologist Ramy Romany investigates to see if King Tutankhamen's father, Akhenaten, could be the biblical prophet Moses; Romany explores the theory that Peruvian mummies may be the remains of Celtic Druids.

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