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Mountain Monsters: Uncaged

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Episodes of "Mountain Monsters" with bonus content.

Latest episodes

aired 399 days ago
Buck makes contact with the Little Girl at the Three Rings; she suddenly vanishes, leaving him hunting for her; the rest of the AIMS team must help Jeff make a daring escape as they're chased through the heart of the Dark Forest.
aired 399 days ago
The AIMS team uncovers the importance of the Three Rings; Buck is forced to come clean about his solo missions; he visits the rings in an attempt to contact the Little Girl, who could be the key to unlocking the forest's mysterious events.
aired 399 days ago
Buck makes a shocking discovery that causes him to return to the Dark Forest alone, leading to an encounter with someone he thought he'd never see again. The team follows Jeff to the forest's northern area and discovers the massive Three Rings.
aired 399 days ago
When the AIMS team is split in half, Jeff is forced to deliver answers or face losing the backing of his brothers; lost and alone, Buck encounters the Woman of the Woods; Huckleberry fights for his life against a new creature stalking the team.
aired 399 days ago
A local shaman visits the AIMS team's base camp and reveals the presence of the Black Wolf, a creature rooted in Native American folklore, that may spell disaster for Jeff, whose troubling behavior continues.
aired 399 days ago
The AIMS team returns to the Dark Forest in Lee County, Va., in the hopes of capturing the Woman of the Woods; they soon realize the property has a firm grip on Jeff and discover it's home to a mysterious creature known only as the Black Wolf.
aired 399 days ago
The AIMS team comes face to face with a mysterious man, who offers them a dangerous deal that could lead to an incredible payoff; the team soon realizes Trapper is missing and race to locate him after finding a trail of his blood.
aired 400 days ago
After nine months of silence from the Rogue Team, Buck takes matters into his own hands, causing a division in the team; the Rogue Team finally emerges from the shadows, and AIMS team members must find out who they are and what they're after.

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