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This unconventional crime drama poses the question of "whydunit" rather than "whodunit." Each episode begins by revealing not only the victim but the killer as well. A team of investigators, led by homicide detective Angie Flynn, tries to piece together the clues. Viewers navigate a complicated maze of clues themselves as they get a glimpse of the killer before and after the crime is committed. Angie and her team set out to uncover the motive by discovering the killer's connection to the victim and the evidence needed to solve the crime.

Latest episodes

aired 29 days ago
Angie and Paula investigate the murder of an ex-con; Vega faces his boundary issues with Dr. Rogers and Lucas.
aired 36 days ago
The team goes after a killer who is spreading a lethal pathogen across the city.
aired 42 days ago
Angie fills in as staff sergeant while investigating a football player's wife's murder.
aired 49 days ago
Angie and Vega must adjust their work dynamic while trying to bring a cop killer to justice.
aired 56 days ago
Angie tries to take down a criminal who is determined to end her career.
aired 63 days ago
The team searches for a common denominator in three homicides.
aired 70 days ago
A photographer is the prime suspect in the murder of his assistant; Sergeant Gavin Saunders calls on the detectives for help.
aired 77 days ago
A tarot card reader fails to predict her own murder; Vega hears from the doctor.
aired 77 days ago
The team investigates a pilot who may be using his career for murder; Angie copes with Vega.
aired 84 days ago
The team must balance law and justice in the murder of a street artist.
aired 84 days ago
All clues in the murder of an armed robber lead the team to a sweet florist.
aired 91 days ago
A father is murdered and his daughter is kidnapped; Angie continues to investigate the Neville Montgomery file.
aired 91 days ago
Vega's need to pass the weapons recertification test hampers the investigation of two seemingly unrelated murders.
aired 98 days ago
Struggling to accept Lucas' new position, Angie crosses the line by looking into a closed case.
aired 98 days ago
A case involving Detective Vega's father and a young socialite lures Angie back to homicide.
aired 105 days ago
Three years after a killer gets away, the team reunites to close the case.
aired 105 days ago
Angie races to catch a killer who is an expert at covering their tracks.
aired 112 days ago
A woman is murdered with what appears to be a medieval weapon.
aired 112 days ago
A woman is found nail-gunned to death; Angie embraces her relationship with Jack; Vega's frustrations force him to look for other options.
aired 119 days ago
Angie partners with an international agent to investigate the murder of a British politician's son.
aired 119 days ago
Angie stays with a soldier who demands justice by taking the bullpen hostage.

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