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A group of "alpha moms" navigate the challenges of parenthood and try to balance their social and professional lives despite frequent hang-ups and misunderstandings.

Latest episodes

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Julia finds the perfect nanny to relieve her childcare problems, but her friendship with Liz becomes strained; Amanda keeps a low profile after Kevin blurts out her secret; Liz visits Lee's new partner to give her some advice.
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Anne's new car propels her into the limelight as the moms try to get in on her carpool; Kevin finds himself in the role of confidant to Amanda; Liz and Julia's friendship comes under fire as Liz realizes she is just a "mom" friend.
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Paul sends his parents over to help out Julia; Kevin has a huge fondness for the elderly and assists Julia with her in-law wrangling; Amanda reluctantly gives Liz her old coat, which seems to have a strange effect on Liz.
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A pool party ruins Julia's plans before an important event at work; Liz persues a date with a stranger; a new dad on the scene, who goes way back with Amanda, puts Kevin's nose out of joint.
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Julia finds herself heavily involved in a school fundraiser, hoping to impress a former colleague and new mom crush; Kevin has a battle with the cloakroom and Liz takes care of the bar.
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Julia moves out of her comfort zone when she reluctantly invites the entire class to her kid's birthday party; with her mom still refusing to help out, she relies on Liz's party hacks and Kevin's entertaining skills.
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Julia, an overstressed working mother with bad organizational skills, tries to juggle the demands of her children, her husband and her job after her mother decides to stop helping her watch the kids.

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