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Moonshiners: The First Run

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aired 133 days ago
Tim and Tickle share their thoughts on the basics of moonshining, from finding the right customers to evading the authorities.

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Moonshiners have been around in the U.S. since the Whiskey Rebellion of the 1790s. Surprisingly, there are still a number of Americans who make moonshine -- an illegally produced distilled beverage -- mainly in the Appalachian region of the country. This docuseries tells the stories of people who brew their shine, often under the cloak of darkness in woods near their homes, and the authorities who try to keep them honest. The show allows viewers to witness practices rarely seen on television, including firing up the still for the first time -- a moonshiner's rite of passage. "Outlaw Cuts" features footage not shown in original episodes.
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Includes moonshine, devious people and deep country wisdom that only Tickle can come up with.
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"Moonshiners" star Tim Smith gave up his outlaw liquor-making ways to establish a legal brand of whiskey, bringing his family recipes out of the backwoods of Virginia and into America's stores. Now, he wants to pass along a lifetime of moonshine expertise to pull struggling distilleries from the brink of failure and make them profitable, thus helping preserve the American tradition of handmade liquor. In each episode, Tim joins with whiskey experts Tim Jones and Devin Mills to turn these businesses around.
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In 2013, using marijuana recreationally became legal in Colorado and Washington, and in many other states it is not against the law to use the drug for medicinal purposes. In California and Oregon, however, harsh marijuana laws still exist, but it doesn't stop the cultivation and use of the drug from flourishing. "Weed Country" takes viewers to the border of those two states -- deep inside a wilderness land known as the Emerald Triangle -- where the business of growing pot is cutthroat, and only the best and most cunning survive. They're up against law enforcement officials -- heavily armed with weapons and helicopters for aerial surveillance -- who will stop at nothing to take down the growers' operations and cut off their supply chains.
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The moonshiners distill a special batch of shine for the holidays.
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An unsolved murder motivates Detective Rodie Sanchez to come out of retirement.
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Bobby Goodson leads a rugged crew of loggers into the swamps of North Carolina in search of valuable hardwood. A fourth-generation logger, Goodson and his team must battle harsh terrain, even harsher weather, and a rough economy to keep the family business afloat. But as demand for the hardwood wanes, Goodson faces tough choices as he tries to keep Goodson All Terrain Logging out of the red.
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Sam Calagione has made beer his life's passion. Fortunately for him, it's also how he makes his living. Calagione and his company, Dogfish Head Brewery, are profiled as he and his partners in suds travel the world looking for ingredients and techniques to produce original brews. A visit to New Zealand, for instance, sparks an idea to come up with a tomato-based beer. The series also depicts the laid-back life at the Dogfish Head headquarters, where meetings are held for beer tastings, a bocce ball league takes place in the parking lot, and rap videos are filmed in the brewery.