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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

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Roughly 300 years after the conclusion of a great conflict known as the Calamity War, the Earth Sphere has lost its previous governing structure, and a new system of government has created a new world. Far away, seeds of a new conflict are starting to form in the Mars Sphere. When private security company Chryse Guard Security (CGS) accepts a mission to help liberate a Martian city from being ruled by one of Earth's major powers, a military organization attacks CGS to stop the rebellion before it gets off the ground. Some boys use this as a chance to revolt and lead a coup against the adults who have been oppressing them.

Latest episodes

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The SAU and Arbrau agree to peace negotiations; the members of Tekkadan decide to withdraw from Earth.
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Gjallarhorn has received a mediation request from the SAU; McGillis enters the battlefield in a mobile suit; Galan launches an attack on McGillis, who is whittling down Arbrau's fighting strength.
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A conflict between the rival economic blocs Arbrau and SAU breaks out; Tekkadan joins the battle under the command of Galan Mossa.
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Tekkadan's Earth branch, which is now military advisor to Arbrau, is busy preparing the launch ceremony for the Arbrau Defense Forces; at Makanai's request, they take charge of security for the ceremony venue.
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Mikazuki and Orga visit Allium, leader of the group Terra Liberionis, to resolve the issues around the attacks of the Dawn Horizon Corps.
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Tekkadan attempts to capture Sandoval Reuters, the leader of the Dawn Horizon Corps; Gjallarhorn's outer lunar orbit joint fleet Arianrhod also joins the battle.
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Tekkadan repulses space pirates and learns they are part of a group; Orga decides to counterattack.
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Tekkadan gets commissioned to escort Kudelia on an inspection of a halfmetal mine.
aired 293 days ago
Gjallarhorn begins its Tekkadan mopping-up operation.
aired 300 days ago
Gjallarhorn intends to launch a mopping-up operation against Tekkadan.
aired 307 days ago
Tekkadan is in a difficult predicament; a huge Gjallarhorn force begins deploying around its Martian headquarters.
aired 314 days ago
Tekkadan plans to return to its Martian headquarters and start over.
aired 328 days ago
Tekkadan revives and launches an attack, aiming to escape the battlefield; the fight between McGillis and Gaelio becomes increasingly ferocious.
aired 335 days ago
After many complications, Tekkadan finally joins the battle against the Arianrhod fleet.
aired 342 days ago
The Arianrhod fleet, led by Rustal Elion, attempts to gather its forces to fight the coup d'├ętat.
aired 349 days ago
Gjallarhorn's Earth headquarters has been captured in a coup d'├ętat by young officers; among them is McGillis, who heads for a facility underneath the headquarters.
aired 356 days ago
With the repairs to the Barbatos complete, Tekkadan musters its fighting strength; the members ready their resolve for the confrontation with Jasley.
aired 363 days ago
A modest funeral service is held aboard the Saisei; Jasley has been preparing yet another strategem.
aired 370 days ago
Tekkadan's attempt to rescue Turbines from danger gets thwarted; Orga restrains himself in response to Naze's wishes.
aired 377 days ago
Lafter and the other Turbines members take their leave of Tekkadan; the organization's number two Jasley Donomikols plans a new maneuver.
aired 384 days ago
Mikazuki destroys the Hashmal, but the strain of the battle takes its toll on him.

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