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Micro Monsters With David Attenborough

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Sir David Attenborough takes viewers deep into the world of bugs. Pioneering macroscopic techniques allow Attenborough to explore in unparalleled detail the intricate, sophisticated behaviors of fascinating creatures and the complexity of the environments they build and inhabit in a world normally hidden from the human eye. Each episode explores a different aspect of the little-known lives of insects, from the deceptive defensive mechanisms harbored by spiders and scorpions to the creation of colonies and how social arrangements develop.

Latest episodes

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Sir David Attenborough zooms in on a set of bugs who prefer co-operation to conflict; A look at the burrowing cockroach and the queen bee.
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Dating proves to be a tricky business for insects; David Attenborough finds out how certain bugs choose and woo their partners.
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David Attenborough investigates a world of espionage, social networking and pillage to see how arthropods outwit their enemies in order to survive.