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Mickey and the Roadster Racers

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Mickey Mouse may have been on a steamboat in one of his first animated shorts back in the 1920s, but his mode of transportation has been upgraded to a roadster in this series. Mickey and his friends participate in high-speed races in their hometown, Hot Dog Hills, and around the world in vehicles that can transform. The familiar names joining Mickey on the track are Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Pluto. Off the track, Minnie and Daisy are busy running a business with which they solve problems for people in need. A number of celebrities -- including real-life race car drivers Jimmie Johnson, Danica Patrick and Jeff Gordon -- lend their voices to the series in guest-starring roles.

Latest episodes

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Goofy and the gang have to spend a night in Uncle Goof's haunted mansion in order for Goofy to inherit it; when Mr. Doozy invites everyone to his hotel for a dinner party, a family heirloom goes missing.
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While participating in a ukulele jam, Donald loses Mickey's special ukulele; The Happy Helpers are judges for a Hawaiian surfing contest and learn about a lifelong rivalry.
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Professor Von Drake super-charges Mickey's roadster, giving it super-speed and a few surprises; Mickey and the gang must chase after Pete's truck, which was accidentally transformed into a Monster Truck.
airs in 9 days
The pit crews compete against each other to determine the fastest and most efficient team; the Happy Helpers look after Clara Cluck's farm while she goes out of town.
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After Von Drake invents a truck to carry all the Roadsters, Commander Heist steals it; Hilda asks the Happy Helpers to help her find a new sport to play.
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Heist's cat gets in the way when the commander attempts to steal Von Drake's Smarty Hat; the Happy Helpers groom pets for The Hot Doggity Dog Show.
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The Happy Helpers are hired to get pop star Nina Glitter to her show on time; Chip and Dale shrink everyone down to their size.
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Famous race car driver Pippa Powers visits Hot Dog Hills for a reunion with her old car club, The Roadsterettes; the Happy Helpers must show Mr. McSnorter how to relax on vacation.
aired 6 days ago
On his day off, Mickey gets called back to help at the garage; the Happy Helpers look after Mrs. Sweetums' candy store and factory.
airs in 2 days
Billy Beagle films the garage crew as they try to turn a junker into a winning roadster in one day; the Happy Helpers help a TV chef rescue the Hot Dog Diner.
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During Chef Pierre's cafe opening, Goofy's famous Goofy Dogs are stolen; when the Happy Helpers return to Paris, Cuckoo Loca discovers new family members.
aired 8 days ago
Mickey and his friends take their transforming vehicles on races around the world.
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After rescuing a skunk, Donald's new friend refuses to leave his side; the Happy Helpers guide a group of BeeBee Scouts through their forest hiking test.
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Minnie comes up with a special race that includes her visiting childhood friend; while the girls enjoy a spa day, the boys fill in as Happy Helpers.
airs in 4 days
Billy Beagle invites the gang to compete in Billy B's Hot Rod Switcheroo; the Happy Helpers must find a shy panda for a little girl's picture.
airs in 3 days
Road speed and kitchen skills are needed to win a contest; Minnie and Daisy are thrilled when designer Cuckoo La-La asks them to help her.
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Goofy designs the first ever Goofy Race; when Cuckoo Loca's cuckoo clock is broken, Minnie and Daisy decide to get her a new one.
aired 85 days ago
While the girls enjoy a spa day, the boys fill in as Happy Helpers.
aired 100 days ago
Hilda asks the Happy Helpers to help her find a new sport to play.
aired 106 days ago
The Happy Helpers become assistants to a famous movie star in Hot Dog Hills.
aired 154 days ago
While in Madrid, Mickey plans a "perfecto" day for Minnie, but a playful Baby Bull has other plans; Minnie and Daisy make a bet with Mickey and Donald over who will win the race.

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