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MGM Parade

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Interviews with MGM stars; clips of MGM movies.

Latest episodes

airs in 4 days
Greta Garbo; Grace Kelly; Debbie Reynolds; host George Murphy.
aired 51 days ago
Robert Benchley; Tony Martin; host George Murphy.
aired 83 days ago
Tour of Lake Metro; film clips featuring June Allyson and Peter Lawford.
aired 111 days ago
Film clips of "A Free Soul" with Clark Cable and " Trial.".
aired 147 days ago
Gene Kelly; Little Leo; host George Murphy.
aired 172 days ago
MGM history; Cyd Charisse; host George Murphy.
aired 244 days ago
George Cukor; Leslie Caron; John Kerr; host Walter Pidgeon.
aired 264 days ago
Greta Garbo; Ann Christy; Irene Papas; host Walter Pidgeon.
aired 300 days ago
Clips from "Tribute to a Badman"; host Walter Pidgeon.
aired 328 days ago
Walter Pidgeon; part two of "Captains Courageous"; Robby the Robot from "Forbidden Planet."
aired 355 days ago
Clips from "Forbidden Planet"; host Walter Pidgeon.
aired 415 days ago
Clips from "Broadway Melody"; Eleanor Powell; host George Murphy.
aired 454 days ago
Clip from "The Firefly"; Dan Dailey; Mitsuko Sawamura; host George Murphy.
aired 482 days ago
Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney, "Strike Up the Band"; John Gilbert and Renee Adoree, "The Big Parade."

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