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Megalo Box

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Set in a city where the wealthy are licensed citizens and those on the outskirts are unlicensed citizens living in poverty, the sport of megalo boxing has risen. Megalo boxing is a popular sport where the boxers fight while wearing a metal frame -- something that makes their attacks even more lethal. Junk Dog fights in the underground illegal rings with fixed fights overseen by his coach Gansaku Nanbu. After he almost crashes his motorcycle into Yukiko Shirato, her bodyguard challenges Junk Dog to fight him in Megalonia -- something reserved for licensed citizens. Junk Dog now works to prove himself the best fighter and move up the ranks in order to attend Megalonia.

Latest episodes

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Joe decides to forego using gear in the tournament, which constitutes a major risk to his life.
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Joe and his manager, Nanbu, attempt to find a better set of gear for Joe's first official match.
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Yuri shows up at one of Junk Dog's matches and tests the young boxer, giving him a new ambition.
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A boxer known as Junk Dog scrapes by in the slums, throwing matches for the mob's underground racket; Junk Dog gets into an unexpected altercation with a champion boxer.
airs in 7 days
Aragaki's superior training and experience put Joe at a major disadvantage in their match.
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Aragaki, one of Nanbu's former protégées, returns to seek revenge, putting Joe in harm's way.

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