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Alex Godman, the English-raised son of an exiled Russian crime family, has spent years trying to evade his family's past and live on the straight and narrow, running a legitimate business and mapping out a future with his girlfriend Rebecca. As he struggles against the lure of corruption and his family's former mafia connections, tragedy strikes and he finds himself drawn into the shadowy underworld of international crime, fighting for survival and revenge. "McMafia" is inspired by Misha Glenny's best-selling book of the same name.

Latest episodes

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Alex devises a way to attack Benny Chopra and Vadim in Mumbai; Alex and Rebecca announce their engagement; Rebecca believes Alex is hiding something.
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A mysterious figure reaches out to Alex; Dmitri deals with grief; Oksana learns of a secret that could rock the family.
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Semiyon lures Alex into a venture designed to harm Vadim's business in Prague; a girl is taken on a very different journey.
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After a tragic event, Russian exile Alex Godman is drawn into the murky world of global crime; Alex tries to protect his family from their dark past.
airs in 9 days
Semiyon awakes to an awful accusation; Alex is convinced of Semiyon's innocence and attempts to expose his accusers; Katya unravels a shocking secret.