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Masters of Disaster

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Mechanic Beau Boruff makes a living by helping others prepare for an apocalypse. Knowing survivalists and preppers are on the hunt for bygone machinery that will work in case today's technology is rendered useless, Boruff and his crew source, restore and sell vintage objects that may be useful in any calamity. Among the items restored in this series: a 1950s tractor capable of climbing any terrain, a well-drilling rig from the 1920s that can access fresh water, and a railroad handcar from the 1880s to provide a transportation lifeline.

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aired 331 days ago
When doomsday comes, a WWII-era war machine could be the key to surviving the apocalypse; using cutting-edge technology, a team of expert engineers restores the amphibious vessel that helped the Allies on D-Day for a modern-day Great Flood.

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"It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)," sang R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe, and it's a proclamation that must resonate with the people profiled in this series. That's because they are all preparing for doomsday, whether it's caused by a natural disaster, a financial collapse or a nuclear winter, and their plan is to outlast and outlive any apocalyptic scenario. The series goes inside America's "prepping" subculture and introduces otherwise ordinary folks who are stockpiling food, water, weapons and whatever else they think is necessary in the event basic services should falter and society turns chaotic and violent. Also, each prepper's plan is reviewed by the consulting firm Practical Preppers, which analyzes its potential effectiveness in case the prepper's worst fears become reality.
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Programs showcasing the ancient art of weaponry construction have attracted large audiences in recent years. Discovery gets into the act with this competition series that features top weapons smiths building armaments that changed the course of history. Empires centuries ago relied on craftsmen to create the blades, bows, and bullets that would win wars and shape mankind. Here, master smiths test their technical knowledge and creativity in historical challenges that call upon era-specific weaponry, from the firearms of the frontier to the blades of the Vikings. A judges panel scores each build, and each episode one smith earns the $10,000 first prize.
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When Burt Reynolds raced a Trans Am across the country in the 1977 movie "Smokey and the Bandit," a new generation of American muscle car lovers was born. The Trans Am rode a wave of popularity for years before fading into extinction. Now, entrepreneurial brothers Scott and Tad Warmack want to resurrect America's most recognizable muscle car, and they risked everything to acquire its rights. This series follows the Warmacks and their team of car savants as they re-engineer and meticulously craft the classic cars. They build new ones from existing bodies and use big, powerful engines and modern equipment to satisfy auto aficionados.
Some inventions make lots of money for the people who create them, but others are less successful and eventually given up on by their inventors. In this series, some of those unsuccessful products are given a second chance to gain popularity. Engineers scour the country in search of items they think can make it big. They then locate the inventors, giving them resources and advice that can help take the products to the next level. After building, testing and perfecting the products, the inventors are given the opportunity to pitch their improved products with the ultimate goal of getting them on the market -- giving the inventors a second chance at making millions from their ideas.
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People who want to restore a broken-down classic car often don't have the time, the money or both to have it done. That's fine with Dennis Pittsenbarger -- automotive authority and veteran race car driver -- and his ace mechanic, "Slick." In "Highway to Sell," the two partner with car owners to get clunkers back up to speed. Dennis, Slick and their team spend their own money and time reconditioning the cars. However, once a car is complete, it hits the auction block, and an owner has a tough choice: Take a cut of the profit, or buy back the cherished ride at a discount.
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Veteran survivalists familiar with the stripped-down drill after appearing on "Naked and Afraid" attempt to survive in a desolate, dangerous environment for 40 days -- 19 more than they previously experienced on the show. Pushing the very limits of human endurance, the men and women must all vie for the same limited food, water and shelter while avoiding territorial-sensitive predators and venom-filled reptiles. Because there is no other choice, the competitors quickly get to know one another -- and their surroundings -- and hope that their instincts, survival skills and intestinal fortitude serve them well. This "uncensored" edition features additional information not seen in original episodes that sheds light on the competition and the survivalists.
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Primitive skills master Matt Graham ("Dual Survival") returns to Discovery Channel to see who has what it takes to survive in the wild. He invites other bushcrafters from across the country to compete head-to-head in grueling seven-day challenges. Each week, two survivalists test their skills in different environments, landscapes, and primitive living situations as they create eye-popping builds, from bridges and weapons to structures and transportation modes. Using nothing but ingenuity, a few simple hand tools and resources nature provides, the bushcrafters are pushed to the limit mentally and physically.