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Mary & Mike

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Chilean writer Mariana Callejas and American Michael Townley, a seemingly happy couple with children, have covert lives as agents of the Chilean secret service and carry out assassinations the 1970s.

Latest episodes

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Letelier's crime shakes the world and the regime suffers.
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Orlando Letelier, former minister and ambassador of President Allende, leads the Chilean opposition from Washington D.C.; Sarmiento thinks a hit is unprecedented and suicidal.
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Two anti-Castro Cubans run away to Chile after committing a wave of attacks and take refuge in Mike's home; Mary meets a boy who catches her attention in the literary workshop, Mike suspects and spies on her.
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An Italian terrorist visits Chile to perpetrate the next objective; an error and misunderstandings make the mission a failure; Mike must return to Chile, while Mary stays in Europe.
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Mary and Mike travel together to Buenos Aires for their first attack; Mike has difficulty carrying out his mission; Mary has an encounter with an old flame.
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A Spanish priest accused of collaborating with the resistance is tortured in the garage, while the family celebrates the youngest child's birthday with a pool party just outside.