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Marvel's Spider-Man Shorts

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After a radioactive spider bites Peter Parker, he gains special powers and becomes a hero.

Latest episodes

aired 1,070 days ago
When his quest for fame results in personal tragedy, Peter Parker learns that with great power, comes great responsibility.
aired 1,071 days ago
The new and improved Peter Parker makes his official debut by entering a wrestling competition.
aired 1,072 days ago
Peter Parker predicts that his new abilities could bring him fame and fortune and begins to seek out a way to make a name for himself.
aired 1,073 days ago
Peter Parker hypothesizes that his body is developing super powers and begins testing them out.
aired 1,074 days ago
After suffering some side effects from his spider bite, Peter Parker decides to use the scientific method to figure out what is happening to him.
aired 1,075 days ago
Peter Parker is on a field trip to Oscorp when he accidentally gets bitten by a radioactive spider.

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