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Man vs. Bear

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Discovery's "Man vs. Bear" pits humans against grizzly bears in contests, ranging from games of tug of war to endeavor to roll giant logs. The series features three grizzly bears -- Bart, Honey Bump and Tank -- who were raised by Doug and Lynne Seus on their ranch in Utah. While all three bears have appeared in movies, Bart squared off against Gwendoline Christie's Brienne of Tarth in a memorable Season 3 episode of "Game of Thrones." Each week, the bears take on three new competitors to test the limits of strength, speed and stamina. Sports commentator Brandon Tierney and wildlife expert Casey Anderson provide blow-by-blow commentary as men and women take part in five challenges inspired by what bears do naturally in the wild. In the final round, the top two challengers come face to face with Bart, and the competitor who earns the most points is named champion. Then, at the end of the season, the top three competitors return one more time for a showdown against the bears.

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When a Boomer, Millennial and Gen Xer find themselves face to face with three grizzly bears in a competition of speed, strength and strategy, one human finds out the hard way what it means to have skin in the game.
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Getting to know Bart, Honey Bump and Tank, the grizzly stars of "Man vs. Bear," and how each challenge featured in the show is designed.
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With odds stacked against them, a bodyguard, a firefighter and an ultra-fit football coach take on three massive grizzlies in a gauntlet of challenges; as they fight for a place in the finale, each discovers just how badly bears don't like to lose.
aired today
A U.S. Army veteran, an ultra-marathoner and a world-record weightlifter face the biggest battles of their lives as they take on Bart, Honey Bump and Tank in challenges of strength, speed and strategy, but it's the underdog who shocks Bear Mountain.

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