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Mako Mermaids

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A camping trip to mysterious Mako Island turns out to be much more than that for outdoorsy teen Zac. Unknown to him, the island is actually the domain of a pod of mermaids, three of whom -- Sirena, Nixie and Lyla -- should be guarding the Moon Pool. But they neglect their duties, and Zac falls in. The waters of the pool endow Zac with special powers, allowing him to transform into a merman when he comes into contact with water and forcing the mermaid pod to leave the waters around the island. Not all of them leave, however; the three transgressors are cast out of the pod and left behind. To rejoin their community, the girls must somehow travel on land and retrieve Zac's new powers. If they fail, they'll remain outcasts forever. Zac enjoys his newfound abilities, and the girls are sympathetic. What's a mermaid to do?

Latest episodes

aired 322 days ago
Weilan learns a new detail about the dragon legend which suggests that Nerissa may be alive; Minni and Zac see the vision again, which now speaks.
aired 323 days ago
The mermaids find an important clue about how to defeat the water dragon after a treasure hunter finds a mysterious artifact.
aired 331 days ago
The mermaids fight against the clock to fix Rita, who was accidentally given a growth accelerator by Weilan before Mrs Tumble becomes Suncoast High's principal.
aired 332 days ago
A mysterious vision rattles Mimmi and Zac; Cam's dual role as Carly's boss and boyfriend becomes difficult to manage.
aired 333 days ago
Mimmi takes a job at the marine park and meets Chris, a young man who is desperate to get into a dolphin training program.
aired 334 days ago
A surprise birthday party is in the works for Evie, but Zac is so tight-lipped about it that she thinks he's forgotten.
aired 334 days ago
When Sirena sees a video showing a kayaker being lured by a northern mermaid's song, she becomes enchanted.
aired 334 days ago
Cam realizes the shape of the pedestal in the merman chamber is identical to Mako Island; five decorative inlays on the pedestal correspond to five rock outcrops on Mako reef.
aired 338 days ago
Ondina goes to extreme lengths to protect Mimmi during her beach date with Chris; Cam attempts to lure more upscale customers to the cafe.
aired 339 days ago
One of Ondina's students wanders off during a lesson about walking on land and encounters Chris and Karl on the beach.
aired 340 days ago
Ondina helps Erik sneak into the grotto so he can copy a pearl he gave to Ondina.
aired 341 days ago
Cam gains the power to control water, which helps him in the trials for the school swim team.
aired 341 days ago
Zac struggles with the knowledge that he was adopted and Mimmi tries to comfort him.
aired 341 days ago
It is the night of the full moon and Zac and Erik swim to Mako Island to unlock the merman chamber.
aired 345 days ago
A magical shell found by Zac accidentally sends the mermaids back in time five years where they encounter a younger Zac.
aired 346 days ago
Mimmi and Ondina combine their powers to try to restore Evie; Weilan runs away after overhearing Odina blaming her for what happened to Evie.
aired 347 days ago
Mimmi and Sirena try to help David out at the cafe by super sizing crayfish.
aired 348 days ago
Mimmi and Sirena create a potion that helps the user look younger.
aired 348 days ago
David spots Evie's tail when she tries to retrieve her father's watch from the marina's waters.
aired 348 days ago
Ondina reports back to the Mermaid Council, but doesn't mention the existence of Erik or that Evie has sprouted a tail.
aired 354 days ago
Teenager Zac decides to camp on Mako Island, unaware that the guardians of the island, are watching him; the following morning, he wakes up discovering he has become a merman with a fishlike tail and the ability to control and manipulate water.

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