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Adventures of the red-haired girl and her boarding school friends.

Latest episodes

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Madeline discovers that her cousin with the green thumb also has a remarkable talent for playing soccer.
VOD available
Madeline and the girls are forced to move when their "little old house" is condemned. Based on the books by Ludwig Bemelmans.
VOD available
Miss Clavel, Madeline and the girls create a beautiful Easter bonnet for the milkman's horse, Bon Bon.
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Pepito decides to create his own magic show at home, and puts poor Genevieve in danger.
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Madeline and Pepito investigate when town residents are missing hats, gloves, scarves and old clothes.
aired 49 days ago
The girls get the opportunity to become models and meet a designer.
aired 50 days ago
Nicole's aunt has sent tickets to her and the girls to go to Africa.
aired 53 days ago
Madeline is disappointed after being cast in a supportive role, when Miss Clavel brings in an acting teacher to direct the girls in a play.
aired 54 days ago
Madeline pretends to be a Parisian tour guide.
aired 55 days ago
Lord Cucuface sends the girls to Cannes to clear up Madeline's sinuses.
aired 56 days ago
The girls are planning a spring tea in honor of the trustees when Sugar Dimples takes over and turns their simple party into a major production.
aired 57 days ago
Madeline plays matchmaker and is invited to the resulting wedding.
aired 60 days ago
Genevieve falls in love with a neighborhood dog.
aired 61 days ago
Madeline and the girls find some collectibles in the attic of the Old House.
aired 62 days ago
The girls enter a competition, but the stress breaks them into cliques.
aired 63 days ago
The girls get physicals from Dr. Cohn.
aired 64 days ago
When Yvette is asked to model for a famous painter, she acts superior to the other girls.
aired 68 days ago
Genevieve wakes up with a strange rash.
aired 69 days ago
Madeline helps Santa when his overeating makes him too big to fit down chimneys.
aired 70 days ago
The girls travel to the North Pole after Lord Cucuface promises them a white Christmas.
aired 71 days ago
A friendly skunk sneaks into a perfume factory.

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