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Adventures of the red-haired girl and her boarding school friends.

Latest episodes

aired 154 days ago
Madeline and the girls celebrate Halloween with their pen pals in New York.
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While pretending to be a doll, Madeline is shipped off to a toy store. Based on the books by Ludwig Bemelmans.
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Madeline discovers that her cousin with the green thumb also has a remarkable talent for playing soccer.
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Madeline and the girls are forced to move when their "little old house" is condemned. Based on the books by Ludwig Bemelmans.
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Miss Clavel, Madeline and the girls create a beautiful Easter bonnet for the milkman's horse, Bon Bon.
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Pepito decides to create his own magic show at home, and puts poor Genevieve in danger.
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Madeline and Pepito investigate when town residents are missing hats, gloves, scarves and old clothes.
aired 193 days ago
The girls get the opportunity to become models and meet a designer.
aired 194 days ago
Nicole's aunt has sent tickets to her and the girls to go to Africa.
aired 195 days ago
Madeline is disappointed after being cast in a supportive role, when Miss Clavel brings in an acting teacher to direct the girls in a play.
aired 196 days ago
Madeline pretends to be a Parisian tour guide.
aired 197 days ago
Lord Cucuface sends the girls to Cannes to clear up Madeline's sinuses.
aired 200 days ago
The girls are planning a spring tea in honor of the trustees when Sugar Dimples takes over and turns their simple party into a major production.
aired 201 days ago
Madeline plays matchmaker and is invited to the resulting wedding.
aired 202 days ago
Genevieve falls in love with a neighborhood dog.
aired 203 days ago
Madeline and the girls find some collectibles in the attic of the Old House.
aired 204 days ago
The girls enter a competition, but the stress breaks them into cliques.
aired 207 days ago
The girls get physicals from Dr. Cohn.
aired 208 days ago
When Yvette is asked to model for a famous painter, she acts superior to the other girls.
aired 210 days ago
Genevieve wakes up with a strange rash.
aired 211 days ago
Madeline helps Santa when his overeating makes him too big to fit down chimneys.

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