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In order to successfully do their jobs, people who put their lives on the line, from first responders and U.S. Special Forces, need to trust the tools of the trade. As seen in this series, outdoorsman/scientist Kevin "Mad Dog" McClung taps into his extensive paramilitary experience to create state-of-the-art weapons and tools for heroes in action. From a tactical fire axe to a lifesaving device that reinvents the "Jaws of Life," McClung and his team that includes his spitfire daughter and master apprentice build devices that are guaranteed to be mighty, cutting edge and "Mad Dog Made."

Latest episodes

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An Alaskan bush pilot needs a shotgun that can withstand a plane crash and a bear attack; Mad Dog forges an indestructible ax to help a firefighter take on 1,000-degree blazes.
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To help victims of car crashes, Mad Dog seeks to create a lighter, more effective version of the Jaws of Life, but the build pushes his skills to their limits.
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The team takes on two life-saving builds for search and rescue; the team members reconfigure a gyro plane to search day or night for people lost in the wilderness; a first responder needs a new rescue kit for victims in the mountains.
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One wrong move could trigger an explosion as the team helps reinvent an explosive ordnance disposal kit; Mad Dog needs to create a blade that can help deep sea rescues 1,000 feet below the surface.
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An elite American sniper needs a long-range rifle that can make a shot from two miles away; Mad Dog creates a takedown spear with a razor-sharp blade and shotgun rounds to protect a cowboy and his herd from wolf attacks.
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To take on the brutal conditions on Mars, a NASA astronaut asks Mad Dog to design a tool that works with his spacesuit; a U.S. Marshal needs a battering ram that can take doors quickly and withstand a million volts of electricity.

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