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Lupin the 3rd Part 4

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Master thief Lupin III is now in his 20s as the ongoing saga of his adventures continues. This series finds him roaming through Italy and San Marino in search of rare objects to steal and beautiful women to seduce -- perhaps stealing their hearts. As he prepares to get married, it is revealed that the marriage is a sham and that it was set up as a way for Lupin to steal the Royal Crown of Liberty, which is just one of a number of precious items that he plans to take as part of his heists while in Europe.

Latest episodes

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Inside Rebecca's mind, Lupin manages to defeat Leonardo, allowing Rebecca to maintain her original personality; Leonardo believes to have won nonetheless, since all the Italians should be again under his influence.
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Leonardo is ready to create his greatest masterpiece, the Armonia del Mondo (World's Harmony), and uses a device to entrap all the Italians inside the Sogno Italiano, replicating his consciousness in the mind of every inhabitant of Italy.
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Rebecca realizes she truly loves Lupin and announces to Italy that she'll be able to capture him; Lupin continues to break into banks without stealing anything; Rebecca understands that he's searching for something in particular.
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While watching her last movie, Rebecca remembers when she and Lupin met for the first time; Rebecca and Robson had been kidnapped by a stalker, and Lupin, who had recently arrived in Italy, was able to save them thanks to Zenigata's help.
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After returning to Japan, Fujiko is kidnapped, and her abductor orders Lupin to steal a precious doll; they both discover that the kidnapping was a trap prepared for them by the Japanese detective Akechi Holmes, and Lupin is arrested.
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Lupin steals an old Fiat from a vintage car dealer, and Zenigata cannot arrest him because the car is extremely precious and could be damaged.
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Fox manages to steal the Dragon's Tail, a top secret list of MI6's agents around the world.
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Strange paintings representing Lupin, his team and many others involved in the Sogno Italiano affair begin to appear all around Italy; in search of answers, Lupin and all the represented people meet in Santa Maria delle Grazie.
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Lupin and his team are kidnapped by Greco, who has sworn to rid the world of criminals; trapped in a basement, they're challenged to find a way out, but are informed that one of them has been brainwashed to become Greco's personal puppet.
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Lupin, Jigen and Goemon find a rich woman's lost dog while on vacation and decide to return it so they can claim the reward.
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Lupin goes undercover as a boy's professor in order to reclaim a stolen diamond with a unique power to change the personality of anyone who looks at it.
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Lupin learns that his stolen Mona Lisa is a fake and the true Mona Lisa is in the possession of the corrupt French politician, Philippe, who is using it to fund his political career.
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Zenigata is able to stop several attempts by Lupin to escape from many Italian prisons, but the government can't afford such surveillance, so Zenigata escorts Lupin to an impenetrable cell on a tiny island.
aired 177 days ago
Lupin decrypts Wataru's notes finding himself in a sort of dream where he meets Wataru himself.
aired 184 days ago
When MI6 captures Rebecca during her search for clues stemming from a mysterious book, Lupin and the gang come to her rescue, but cause Agent Nyx to become dangerously infuriated in the process.
aired 191 days ago
Lupin faces double trouble when Fujiko and Rebecca both invite him to a party where a wine collector's most famous wine goes up for auction.
aired 198 days ago
When assassins around the world start dropping like flies, Goemon believes he knows the culprit -- an infamous sharpshooter named Zora; Goemon tries to uphold a vow he made to protect a young fellow assassin who helped him take Zora down years prior.
aired 205 days ago
Lupin and Jigen visit a castle turned hotel with a reputation for being haunted in search of a treasure belonging to the family that once lived there; crime boss Mamma and her boys dog their every move within the castle's twisting catacombs.
aired 212 days ago
Nyx's daughter is kidnapped during a school trip by smugglers who want to sell her as a prostitute to her father.
aired 219 days ago
Zenigata serves as a bodyguard when Lupin targets the wife of a recently deceased billionaire.
aired 226 days ago
When Rebecca tricks Lupin into unknowingly playing a part in her upcoming zombie movie, Lupin must recover the footage to protect his reputation.

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