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Love It or List It Vancouver

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"Love It or List It" moves west to Vancouver. Families in the largest city in British Columbia are struggling with homes that don't fit their needs. In each episode, interior designer Jillian Harris and real estate agent Todd Talbot help homeowners decide whether to love it or list it. Harris attempts to revive the love the owners once had for their homes with a complete renovation, while Talbot tries to persuade them to relocate using the temptation of a dreamy new place. They weigh their options to keep their current -- but remodeled -- home, or to leave it for something better.

Latest episodes

aired 2 days ago
Gail and Mike built their home from the ground up, but now it's beaten down. Sick of dated rooms and a show-all shower, Gail wants Todd to find a grown-up house.
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A family need a home where relatives can visit for months at a time, and their quirky craftsman isn't up to the task; she wants to start over with designs that fit their needs, while he thinks their house just needs some help.
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A couple with two teenagers agree that their home needs an overhaul; he wants to move to a more modern home with updated bathrooms, she wants to remodel because she loves their home and neighbors.
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High school sweethearts were initially excited about their 1970s home with a pool and hot tub, but after numerous renovation projects, he has had enough of the dysfunctional design, while she believes their house just needs updates.
aired 6 days ago
Designer Jillian sets out to create a more open, Zen-like space for an environmentally conscious couple, while Todd finds some creative options that blend form and function with environmental awareness to lure them away.
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A family is quickly outgrowing their small starter home; dad is determined to stay and looks to Jillian to help him finish the DIY projects he started; mom is hopeful Todd will find them a bigger home in a quieter neighborhood.
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A couple decides to renovate their lackluster house after the children have left; dad thinks they can renovate their way into an open-concept design; mom believes the job is too challenging for even Jillian to tackle.
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A couple spent long hours and big money renovating the top floor of their house; she's ready to finish the basement; but he is ready to move on to something lower maintenance.
VOD available
A couple considers giving up their bed and breakfast with a wonky layout and seeking a home with better functionality.
aired 83 days ago
Dan and Heather are debating on moving; he's tired of the long commute; she's not ready to move and give up on their home.
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A family considers trading their quaint, seaside home for a larger place after the birth of their second child.
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A family is searching for more space after twins arrive unexpectedly; Jennifer is ready to sell and search for a larger home; Donna would like to increase space in the house they already have.
aired 104 days ago
Odd angles and a bad layout give Mark a case of buyer's remorse, but Katie loves their area and pool. Todd must find an epic basement in an upscale home while Jillian faces water issues that could dry up her reno budget.
aired 104 days ago
Jeff is ready to cash out on their home, but Sherri believes it still has life.
aired 139 days ago
Aleksandra hates her dated, split-level home and long commute, but Vincent thinks they just need a redesign.
aired 140 days ago
David and Jane love their home's mountain location and the active lifestyle is allows them to have, but Jane can't find enough reasons to stay.
aired 147 days ago
Todd looks for a turnkey home on the West Side to persuade Chris to move; Jillian tries to redesign the couple's dysfunctional home to convince Eva to stay.
VOD available
A couple living in a tiny home cannot see eye-to-eye on their next purchase; he wants Todd to find them a larger space, while she hopes Jillian can find a creative way to maximize their current space.
VOD available
After hurriedly agreeing to purchase a spacious, two-story home in her husband's old neighborhood, a woman's misgivings about the house have caught up with her and she's ready for a change.
aired 154 days ago
A couple overlooked a bad layout to buy a bigger home for their family of five; she is more than willing to pack up and find a new home with a functional layout, while he thinks their current home can have it all with some of Jillian's expertise.
VOD available
A 10-year case of buyers' remorse has a couple seeking an upgraded layout.

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