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Love It or List It Vancouver

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"Love It or List It" moves west to Vancouver. Families in the largest city in British Columbia are struggling with homes that don't fit their needs. In each episode, interior designer Jillian Harris and real estate agent Todd Talbot help homeowners decide whether to love it or list it. Harris attempts to revive the love the owners once had for their homes with a complete renovation, while Talbot tries to persuade them to relocate using the temptation of a dreamy new place. They weigh their options to keep their current -- but remodeled -- home, or to leave it for something better.

Latest episodes

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A family considers trading their quaint, seaside home for a larger place after the birth of their second child.
VOD available
A family is searching for more space after twins arrive unexpectedly; Jennifer is ready to sell and search for a larger home; Donna would like to increase space in the house they already have.
aired 16 days ago
Odd angles and a bad layout give Mark a case of buyer's remorse, but Katie loves their area and pool. Todd must find an epic basement in an upscale home while Jillian faces water issues that could dry up her reno budget.
aired 16 days ago
Jeff is ready to cash out on their home, but Sherri believes it still has life.
VOD available
A family is quickly outgrowing their small starter home; dad is determined to stay and looks to Jillian to help him finish the DIY projects he started; mom is hopeful Todd will find them a bigger home in a quieter neighborhood.
aired 51 days ago
Aleksandra hates her dated, split-level home and long commute, but Vincent thinks they just need a redesign.
aired 52 days ago
David and Jane love their home's mountain location and the active lifestyle is allows them to have, but Jane can't find enough reasons to stay.
aired 59 days ago
Todd looks for a turnkey home on the West Side to persuade Chris to move; Jillian tries to redesign the couple's dysfunctional home to convince Eva to stay.
VOD available
A couple living in a tiny home cannot see eye-to-eye on their next purchase; he wants Todd to find them a larger space, while she hopes Jillian can find a creative way to maximize their current space.
VOD available
After hurriedly agreeing to purchase a spacious, two-story home in her husband's old neighborhood, a woman's misgivings about the house have caught up with her and she's ready for a change.
aired 66 days ago
A couple overlooked a bad layout to buy a bigger home for their family of five; she is more than willing to pack up and find a new home with a functional layout, while he thinks their current home can have it all with some of Jillian's expertise.
VOD available
A 10-year case of buyers' remorse has a couple seeking an upgraded layout.
aired 66 days ago
Robert loves his family's mid-century cabin in the woods, but now that the family has grown, wife Jennifer is starting to feel claustrophobic and frustrated with the lack of space.
aired 73 days ago
A couple weighs the benefits of moving their fun-loving family out of their crumbling house or staying put after making a few changes.
aired 80 days ago
Sally and Ed's home is too small for their family.
aired 81 days ago
Fourteen years after buying a small, three-bedroom home under pressure, a couple and their two teenagers have decided it's time for a change; they need something bigger, newer and move-in ready, or turn their home into an organized dream space.
aired 81 days ago
After living away for ten years, Kelly and Gene don't recognize their neglected home trashed by renters. Jillian thinks an amazing kitchen and spa-like bathroom will do the trick, but Todd tempts with a downsized home and simpler lifestyle.
aired 87 days ago
Brandy needs their home to be wheelchair-accessible.
aired 94 days ago
After nine years in the perfect neighborhood, Lucky and Nancy's growing family requires a bigger space.
VOD available
The realities of a home's shortcomings are starting to set in for a couple that picked up a rambling two-story house to start a family in five years ago. She's frustrated with the odd layout, the lack of storage despite being such a large house and the dark, oppressive rooms with no way of watching the kids in the backyard. While Todd is on the hunt for a more ideal locale for the worried mother, Jillian is helping with what the husband feels are merely aesthetic fixes to a home he admittedly w.
aired 100 days ago
Elana wants to cash out while house prices in their neighborhood are up, but Brian doesn't want to move.

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