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Looking for Leia

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"Looking for Leia" features the stories of intergenerational and culturally diverse female fans who discuss their entry point into the "Star War"s universe and the passion and creativity with which they demonstrate. The series reaches far beyond the legacy of Leia to examine how stories of women's fandom speaks to experiences of gender resilience and resistance.

Latest episodes

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Carrie Fisher is remembered and celebrated through stories of women and non-binary fans.
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Three women with no previous building experience immersed themselves in 3D printing and coding to build screen accurate, fully functional droids.
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Fans discuss audience representation on screen in fictional worlds and realities.
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A translator describes the process and impact of translating Star Wars into Navajo.
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Four female authors illustrate how fan credibility can be tested by the traditional fan.
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Maggie Nowakowska discusses Star Wars fanzines written and edited by hundreds of women.
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Women and non-binary fans demonstrate how they share their passion for the galaxy far, far away.

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