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Long Lost Family

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Having embarked on their own journeys to discover their biological families, TV personalities Chris Jacobs and Lisa Joyner help others try to track down loved ones. Each episode features two emotional stories of people who have suffered a lifetime of separation and are yearning to be reunited with their birthparents and biological families or find children they had to give up for adoption long ago. In addition to providing emotional support and guidance, Chris and Lisa conduct painstaking searches through public records and utilize current DNA technology in their search for answers. The things they discover and who they find are anything but expected.

Latest episodes

aired 5 days ago
Lisa faces many challenges when she helps a woman locate her father -- starting with his identity; a woman seeks Chris' help to find her mother, hoping the similarities she read in her adoption paperwork are not just a fantasy.
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Chris unwraps the mystery of a woman's origins, which at a Korean orphanage; Lisa desperately searches for a woman's only child, hoping it will heal her.
VOD available
Chris and Lisa join forces in an attempt to solve the childhood mystery of why a woman was separated from her birth family at the age of two.
aired 6 days ago
The recent revelation of a 49-year-old man's adoption sends Chris searching for answers to a secret his adoptive parents took to the grave; a biracial woman enlists Lisa's help to find her birth family, revealing some unfortunate tragedies.
aired 10 days ago
A young woman hopes Chris can help solve the thirty-year old mystery of her younger brother's disappearance from a Miami Beach hotel; a man's search for his birth mother reveals a shocking family secret his grandparents took to the grave.
aired 12 days ago
A woman enlists Chris' help to find her biological mother, hoping for the mother-daughter bond she never had; a near-death experience in combat accelerates a veteran's search for his birth family and Lisa's discoveries turn his world upside down.
aired 12 days ago
Chris aids a woman's search for her father after being shuffled through 28 foster homes; two radically different sisters, adopted into the same family, seek Lisa's help to search for their biological mother.
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Lisa helps a man find answers about his adoption; a breast cancer survivor searches for her birth mother.
aired 13 days ago
Lisa helps a man yearning to discover his biological roots, but fearful of rejection from the family he has never met; Chris reveals the truth to a woman who has felt guilty that her birth might have devastated the life of her 14-year-old mom.
aired 13 days ago
Chris helps a SWAT team leader and former Marine tackle his toughest challenge yet, locating his birth mom; a woman enlists Lisa's help to find her brother, hoping to bring joy to a family still mourning the tragic death of their father from AIDS.
aired 14 days ago
Chris tackles the mystery of why a woman was left in a box near an Ohio gas station hours after being born; a woman enlists Lisa's help to locate her biological mother, but what they discover changes the woman's life forever.
aired 16 days ago
After learning of her own adoption at a late age, Chris aids a woman determined to unlock the mystery behind her birth story; a desperate mother enlists Lisa's help to locate her first-born son, hoping to reunite him with his full-blooded siblings.
aired 16 days ago
A Vietnam vet hopes Lisa can help him make amends for the past by locating the daughter he lost custody of forty years ago; a woman's struggle to fit in takes a surprising turn when Chris reveals a series of stunning coincidences very close to home.
aired 17 days ago
Chris tries to unravel a legal mystery involving a woman's sister who she last saw across a New York courtroom 30 years ago.
airs in 1 day
A tough Texas lawman seeks Lisa's help to tackle the one investigation he's never been able to solve: the story of his own birth and adoption.
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Identical twins enlist Lisa's help to unlock the mystery of why they were placed for adoption; Chris hopes to fulfill the wishes of a deceased father by tracking down the first-born son he and his wife had placed for adoption.
aired 20 days ago
Lisa helps a man locate his birth mother hoping to answer why she chose to marry a man who didn't want to raise him; a woman searches for the biological mother who abandoned her at a babysitter's house when she was three months old.
aired 20 days ago
Two sisters confront their Puerto Rican birth father after a lifetime of feeling abandoned; an adoptee turns her back on an upsetting past, as the new relationship with her biological mother flourishes.
aired 21 days ago
Siblings searching for their sperm donor father have their worlds turned upside down when Lisa reveals shocking news; Chris embarks on a journey to find the family of a woman abandoned as a baby on an Amish family's porch.
aired 22 days ago
A young man who received letters from his birth mother longs to know the truth of the words she wrote; a man haunted by the memory of his younger brother being taken from their home seeks to reunite the family.
aired 23 days ago
A woman longs to meet her birth father, a man she credits for saving her life during a difficult childhood, even though they never met; a desperate man hopes Lisa can end a 57-year search for his infant sister, who he never stopped loving.

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