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Lone Star Justice

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If anyone goes down a dark path in East Texas, Sheriff J.B. Smith and detectives Pamela Dunklin and Joe Rasco are right on their tail. The three crime fighters perfectly complement one another: Dunklin leads with her intuition and is detail oriented; Rasco is the analytical thinker of the group; and Sheriff Smith is their fearless leader, empowering Dunklin and Rasco to tap into their skillsets. Each episode focuses on a memorable case, retracing the crime scene, the evidence, and the power of deduction it took to bring a killer to justice. It features in-depth interviews and detailed recreations, with interviews from victims' friends and families, news media, and other law enforcement weaved throughout the episode.

Latest episodes

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Two unrelated murders are traced to a violent pair of siblings, and investigators are led on a wild goose chase, starting in Texas but then spanning across two countries.
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Detective Pam Dunklin's first homicide as the lead investigator begins one balmy summer afternoon when bartender Jeff Joplin is found beaten, strangled and stabbed to death on the floor of his home near Horseshoe Lake in Smith County, Texas.
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A dog walker discovers the body of a young man who is dead from a single gunshot wound; the case goes cold for 13 years; now, the team thinks time and maturity may be exactly what they needed to get a witness to talk.
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A distraught woman calls 911 to report that her husband has taken his own life; a discovery made by a mortician leads detectives to suspect murder; with time lost, J.B., Pamela and Joe collect evidence and dig into the couple's not-so-perfect life.
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The bullet-riddled body of 19-year-old college student Amanda Anderson is found by her sibling, Nate; with few leads, J.B., Pamela and Joe spring into action; ultimately, it is a crime-scene detail that leads to the case's shocking conclusion.
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A woman begs Detective Joe Rasco to reopen the 1982 unsolved murder of her cousin, Catheryn Powell; in doing so, he discovers a case filled with fake leads, dead ends and false confessions.

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