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Behind the scenes of the reality crime series "Lockup," as producers offer candid interviews and previously unaired footage of some of the most memorable inmates spotlighted on the program.

Latest episodes

aired 319 days ago
Keeping up romances behind bars.
aired 369 days ago
Additional footage from the "Lockup" series.
aired 460 days ago
An inmate is against having a cell mate; a former call girl charged with murder comes to terms with her past.
aired 467 days ago
Protective housing is the only savior for sex offenders in prison.
aired 326 days ago
An inmate is hesitant to discuss his crime; a brash inmate enjoys camera time.
aired 362 days ago
Inmates and their effort to maintain relationships while locked up.
aired 390 days ago
Interviews with some of the most notorious criminals lead to disturbing insights into their horrific acts of violence.
aired 502 days ago
Predators may become prey in lockup; notorious murderers.
aired 481 days ago
It can be difficult to identify friend from enemy while in prison.
aired 291 days ago
Additional footage from the "Lockup" series.
aired 221 days ago
How inmates pass the time.
aired 551 days ago
How inmates approach each day knowing they may never be free again.
aired 242 days ago
Additional footage from the "Lockup" series.
aired 305 days ago
The many skills that inmates learn in jails and prisons.
aired 355 days ago
The crew films the unusual practices of some of the most notorious prisons; extraction teams; unexplained phenomena; human waste.
aired 376 days ago
Additional footage from the "Lockup" series.
aired 558 days ago
Producers detail some of the most brutal attacks witnessed over the years.
aired 383 days ago
Additional footage from the "Lockup" series.
aired 263 days ago
A librarian who lost control of life as a result of substance abuse; convicted sex offender with trouble serving time peacefully due to his chatty ways; former police officer serving a sentence for running a questionable charity.
aired 235 days ago
Prisoner serving a 25-year sentence joins Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous; Orange County Jail's Mod Q, or "Drama."
aired 453 days ago
Behind the scenes of the reality crime series "Lockup," as producers offer candid interviews and previously unaired footage of some of the most memorable inmates spotlighted on the program.
aired 269 days ago
Solitary confinement is one of the most common methods for disciplining inmates, but it's also a very controversial issue.
aired 137 days ago
Jail stays are getting longer and many inmates have very little, leading to violence erupting over any perceived slight, especially if it involves food.
aired 130 days ago
The relationships formed between inmates inside and outside of jail often take unexpected turns.
aired 131 days ago
Addiction leads to serious crimes to support bad habits.
aired 137 days ago
Additional footage from the "Lockup" series.
aired 131 days ago
An exploration of first-time inmates that look like they should be sitting in classrooms rather than jail cells.
aired 124 days ago
The crew's take on being in prisons and jails across the U.S. and the world for over a decade.
aired 138 days ago
The troublemakers of the jail system and how correctional officers control the situation caused by these troublemakers.
aired 124 days ago
One inmate takes a grim field trip; an inmate offers clues to an Ohio sex slave mystery.
aired 130 days ago
A look at female inmates that start off socializing, but end up creating a lot drama for the staff.
aired 158 days ago
How gangs are managed in the jail system; how family relationships affect the jail experience.
aired 207 days ago
Lockup producers are schooled on survival by inmates; prisons are dangerous for both staff and inmates.
aired 228 days ago
Subtle differences have been found in each of the different profiled prisons in how inmates enforce the unwritten rules by which they live; the one thing in common however is that violating those rules can be severe.
aired 249 days ago
Additional footage from the "Lockup" series.
aired 158 days ago
Los Angeles coroner's investigators.
aired 298 days ago
Producers describe some of the most violent and dangerous situations witnessed over the years.
aired 110 days ago
Using inmates to turn troubled teens away from a life of crime; inmates express their regrets.
aired 110 days ago
The invisible lines between right and wrong and freedom and jail time.
aired 151 days ago
For better or worse, time behind bars changes everyone.
aired 172 days ago
A marine faces a murder charge; a mom takes up with a violent street gang.
aired 172 days ago
Transgender inmates; inmates with dreams of stardom.
aired 103 days ago
For some prison might be hell and it can be even worse for the sex offenders.
aired 145 days ago
In prison time can be an inmates worst enemy.
aired 110 days ago
Relationships on the inside can be more complicated than on the outside.
aired 151 days ago
Sometimes life has other plans, like when the ex-leader of a white supremacist gang faces a whole new reality, and discovers the price for coming clean.
aired 116 days ago
No escaping the consequences of one's actions behind bars.
aired 417 days ago
Sometimes life has other plans, like when the ex leader of a gang faces a whole new reality he discovers the price for coming clean.
aired 145 days ago
Producers take the time to get to know dozens of inmates, following the action and watching the story unfold in from of their eyes.
aired 116 days ago
Decisions made inside prison.
aired 256 days ago
Additional footage from the "Lockup" series.
aired 312 days ago
Drastic measures are sometimes used when inmates put themselves or other inmates in danger.
aired 403 days ago
Hardcore prison stories.
aired 123 days ago
Three inmates prepare to cross the threshold to freedom.
aired 123 days ago
Every murder has a motive and often the crime is committed by the least likely person.
aired 103 days ago
Frustrated inmates reach their breaking point.
aired 117 days ago
Long periods of monotony are broken up by brief moments of terror.
aired 263 days ago
Five notorious inmates reveal insights into their predatory behavior.
aired 285 days ago
Teens learn about life in San Quentin; Boston youth get a glimpse of the prison system.

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