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Even a little local knowledge can be the difference between making or breaking a fishing expedition. That's the attitude veteran anglers Ali Hussainy and Rush Maltz celebrate on this show. The friends from opposite ends of the country -- Ali is a Californian, while Rush is from the Florida Keys -- explore their home grounds as well as exotic hot spots, seeking out unique aspects and hidden jewels of each destination. The also recognize the characters who pursue a lifelong addiction to fishing and the outdoors. "We want to eat and hang out where the locals do," Rush says. "That is where the real fishing stories are told."

Latest episodes

aired 13 days ago
Rush treats Ali to a day of bottom fishing in Key West, but in order catch the right grade of fish they will have to wait for the conditions to line up and the missing piece of the puzzle to fall into place.
aired 27 days ago
The mystery of not knowing what is lurking below and what will bite the line next is the craze of deep-drop fishing, but with a little bit of tech and some good boat maneuvering, Ali and Rush hope to see what is really going on down there.
aired 111 days ago
In part three of the Fiji adventure, Ali and Rush head inshore with their guide Ben Wilson to target some of the exotic reef species of the region and end up with an incredible surprise catch.
aired 363 days ago
Ali and Rush look back at Season Four adventures and revisit the concept behind "Local Knowledge."
aired 377 days ago
Rush and Ali continue to enjoy long days and great fishing as they immerse themselves in the Alaskan lifestyle and get to know more than just the fishery.
aired 391 days ago
The crew lands in Seward, Alaska, to fish with longtime friends at Cracker Jack Sportfishing for large halibut and lingcod.
aired 405 days ago
The low country adventure continues as the guys fish Rush's new 322 SeaVee out of Jereme Creek and the Village of McClellanville in South Carolina; Jacks, Grouper, and some of the largest Red Snapper the guys have seen make for solid action.
aired 433 days ago
Rush and Ali head to the small town of McClellanville in the low country of South Carolina to fish with buddy Chris Morrison for some familiar bottom species; using Key West tactics, the guys reminisce about Chris' years living in the Florida Keys.
aired 447 days ago
The Baja adventure continues as Ali and Rush search for the bait balls that hold striped marlin in large numbers; a Baja sleigh ride shaves over an hour off their boat run to the fishing grounds.
aired 454 days ago
Ali and Rush head into Baja to fish with longtime friend Chris Jones in the fabled waters of Magdalena Bay; situated in a remote camp on an island, the guys hope to intercept hoards of striped marlin that make for one of the most unique fisheries.
aired 461 days ago
Springtime has sprung for Ali and Rush on their respective coasts, and it's a great time to grab a buddy and head offshore to take advantage of what happens on the water at this time of year.
aired 475 days ago
Ali and Rush head to Northern California with the new Local Knowledge SeaVee to fish for a species new to both of them; the guys team up with Zach Medina and Virginia Salvador of Gatecrasher Charters to set up the White Sturgeon Road Block.
aired 503 days ago
After taking delivery of the new Local Knowledge 34' SeaVee Z boat, the guys decide to bring it down to the Florida Keys for a proper shakedown before it makes its way to the other side of the country.
aired 574 days ago
The journey along the Sea of Cortez midriff continues as the guys head further south, fishing the enchanted islands of Baja for grouper, marlin, and yellowtail.
aired 581 days ago
Ali and Rush head to Baja to meet with old friend Julio Meza and fish the diverse Sea of Cortez and Isla Encantada; with the mother ship close behind, the guys work up and down the coast, fishing for some of Baja's prized species.
aired 588 days ago
With 1,700 miles of road ahead, Rush and Ali continue their cross-country road trip from Florida to California with the new 32-foot Andros in tow.
aired 595 days ago
With the completion of the 32' Andros build, the new LK boat makes the journey to the West Coast; stopping along the way in Louisiana, Rush and Ali visit friends Eric and Monique Newman to help break in the new ride.
aired 609 days ago
Ali and Rush head back to Guatemala to fish with Dave Salazar at Casa Vieja Lodge and learn about the newest addition to their fleet of legendary sport fish boats.
aired 616 days ago
When the roles are reversed between Rush and his mate, the young grasshopper gets a taste of what it takes to finally take the reins and captain the ship.
aired 623 days ago
Fishing in Key West, Fla., and armed with new lures from Nomad, the guys head out to create a bite they can fish with artificial baits, but skyrocketing fish make Ali uneasy after a recent close call with the king of kings.
aired 630 days ago
Ali ventures on a trip of a lifetime to a remote area of the Great Barrier Reef to fish with Nomad Sport fishing while Rush stays home to clean up from Hurricane Irma and keep tabs on the new boat build at Andros.

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