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Four friends become multi-millionaires after selling their startup video game app. When their lives drastically change overnight, the 30-somethings must answer to their high-powered boss.

Latest episodes

aired 1,114 days ago
Leon brings about a reconciliation, which forces the gang to decide what's the most important; the gang must choose between money, the company or staying together.
aired 1,122 days ago
Reeling from a loss, Watto makes a disastrous plan; Watto decides to save the gang from the influence of their wealth.
aired 1,125 days ago
It's two weeks from Expo, and the gang completes the first build of the game; an accident brings Leon and Casey to an understanding.
aired 1,133 days ago
When Leon takes the gang for a trip on his new yacht to focus on the new game, 24 hours of drugs, murder and sex follow.
aired 1,139 days ago
Watto is excited when his errant mother returns; Watto's mom seems oblivious to the boys' sudden fortune, which arouses Ewan's suspicions.
aired 1,148 days ago
When Josh's parents return from their trip two months early, he realizes that the trip changed their perspective but not in the way he had hoped it would.
aired 1,156 days ago
Leon's desperation to prove himself leads him into a moral dilemma; Josh hosts a charity event to impress Abi, his ex-girlfriend.
aired 1,162 days ago
Four friends become tech millionaires after selling their hit iPhone game "Cat Factory."

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