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Lizzie McGuire

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Enter the world of Lizzie McGuire at your own risk, a world where the 13-year-old and her best friends Miranda and Gordo ride the roller-coaster existence of a middle schooler. Every day is a popularity contest, every class is a crisis and on top of everything else, Lizzie has to deal with her annoying little brother, Matt, and a mom who means well despite her nosey tendencies. You always know what Lizzie is thinking, and if she can't quite say it, you can be sure her animated alter ego will.

Latest episodes

aired 778 days ago
Lizzie accidentally starts a rumor about Kate; trouble ensues.
aired 915 days ago
Lizzie and Miranda must face the taunts of their classmates after Kate catches them in an embarrassing situation.
aired 915 days ago
Lizzie worries that her athleticism will be a big turn-off to the guys after she makes a game-saving tackle.
aired 915 days ago
Mr. Dig comes to Lizzie's house for dinner; Matt tries to get a good grade by inviting his teacher to dinner.
aired 915 days ago
Gordo maxes out his credit card trying to make a movie; Matt goes overboard on a science project.
aired 922 days ago
Tudge goes to a party in disguise; Melina and Matt do community service with senior citizens.
aired 922 days ago
Gordo's grandmother pays a visit; Lizzie and Matt have the run of the house.
aired 922 days ago
Lizzie, Miranda, Kate and Veruca vie for a teacher's attention; the McGuires babysit Matt's favorite chimp.
aired 922 days ago
Lizzie learns the value of spending time with her family.
aired 929 days ago
Gordo learns why Parker turned down his invitation to the dance; Matt embellishes his family tree for school.
aired 929 days ago
Matt bunks with Lizzie after a water pipe bursts in his room; Lizzie, Gordo and Miranda participate in a school unity project.
aired 929 days ago
Gordo and Lizzie reminisce about middle school and look ahead to high school; Gordo signs Lizzie's yearbook.
aired 929 days ago
Lizzie and gang take part in a who-dunnit, and Lizzie realizes her true feelings for Gordo.

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