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Live Free or Die: Down & Dirty

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Five individuals leave their mainstream lives behind to face the challenges of life in the wild.

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Money and goods mean nothing to the people in "Live Free or Die." The series depicts a trend called "rewilding" -- the undomestication of humans -- and follows those who've rejected a mainstream existence to live off the land, in simple homes without electricity or running water. Being self-sufficient is a constant challenge, as obstacles like brutal weather and depleted food stocks require quick, innovative solutions. Modern pioneers include Colbert, a former financial adviser now living in a Georgia swamp; Gabriel, whose California lifestyle alternates between the mountains and the sea; and Tony and Amelia, who turned a hillside in the Blue Ridge Mountains into a garden.
Outdoorsman Dave Canterbury, whose primitive skills were featured for two seasons on Discovery's "Dual Survival," is back in the reality show business, joined by jack-of-all-trades John Littlefield and engineer Dick Strawbridge for an adventure seasoned with grit, ingenuity, and a whole lot of "MacGyver'ing." The guys test their mettle by competing in location-inspired challenges across several states, with only a limited set of tools at their disposal. Canterbury's vast survival experience supplements the construction skills of Littlefield ("Dude Room," "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition") and the sustainability expertise of Strawbridge, a U.K. Army veteran well known for his popular BBC series "It's Not Easy Being Green."
Making a job site as safe as possible is the work of Cory Valdes, Jason Lesmeister, Rob Hardy and Puma Ghostwalker. Under normal circumstances the profession poses inherent risks, but the conditions these guys encounter are anything but normal. Valdes, Lesmeister, Hardy and Ghostwalker are experienced outdoorsmen and trackers who traverse the world's most remote places to protect the lives of wildlife photographers, fishermen, loggers, farmers and others working in the backyards of nature's fiercest predators. Keeping the peace between man and wolves, black bears, alligators and wild boars represents just another day at the office on "The Savage Line."