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Little Giants

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Cutting-edge camera techniques capture mini-monsters in their natural habitats, making them look as big as they believe they are, to see what they're capable of.

Latest episodes

aired 332 days ago
Bradley and Billy hunt for dragons deep in the rainforests of Thailand; the team hopes to discover how this lizard's ability to glide has enabled it to dominate its environment for 250 million years.
aired 332 days ago
The team scours the Sonoran Desert for North America's mightiest mouse, the carnivorous grasshopper mouse; size-defying bite force and a bone-shaking howl allow this rodent to transform into a vicious scorpion killer at night.
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Deep in the jungles of Madagascar, Bradley and Billy discover a creature unlike anything else on Earth: the tomato frog; in their mobile lab they discover the frog's astonishing abilities, from a toxic force field to a self-inflating body.
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After a harrowing search in a South African cave, the team tracks down the elusive, spine-chilling tailless whip scorpion; when they test its lethal attributes, they quickly discover that this supreme nocturnal predator is a real-life nightmare.
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The team heads to Madagascar to study the recently discovered Goodman's mouse lemur, one of the smallest primates on the planet; this velvet pinball makes up for its tiny size with incredible agility, breakneck speed, and startling ferocity.
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Spotlighting the astonishing abilities of tiny animals begins in the Mexican desert as Bradley Trevor Greive and Billy Almon track down and test the jaw-dropping, almost supernatural abilities of the giant horned lizard.