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The next generation of remarkable young people from the United States and all corners of the globe show off the impressive talents that set them apart and share their inspiring and hilarious stories -- from future heroes, explorers-in-training and amazing artists to kids who have had to overcome incredible obstacles to pursue their dreams -- in a celebration of the optimism, humor and resilience of the world's most interesting kids. Their wisdom and charm go beyond their years, and their unpredictable reactions make for laughs and fun for all.

Latest episodes

aired 879 days ago
A 4-year-old worship leader; a singer from Wales; a 10-year-old piano player; a 5-year-old internet sensation; a break dancer; a magician; a brick-breaking karate kid; a hoop dancer; the show's team of kid translators.
aired 886 days ago
Sibling a capella singers; a young cellist; performers from China; a national gymnastics champion and Olympic hopeful; a 12-year-old opera singer from Holland; a 10-year-old motivational speaker.
aired 893 days ago
An 8-year-old newscaster; a 7-year-old stand-up comic; a boy band from Mexico; an aerial acrobat from Moscow; sisters who became a viral sensation; two of the most accomplished young pingpong players in the U.S.
aired 900 days ago
Featured kids include two young tango dancers from Italy, a unicyclist and juggler, a talented singer, a memory expert and a 4-year-old internet sensation.
aired 907 days ago
Featured kids include a talented group of stepdancers, a passionate 6-year-old environmentalist, an amazing piano prodigy who has performed at Carnegie Hall, two engaging bilingual singers, and triplets who perform a unique card-throwing act.
aired 914 days ago
Featured kids include skateboarding siblings from Japan, a singer and guitarist from Costa Rica, two young brothers who have pizza-tossing skills, and a 10-year-old contortionist who excels at archery.
aired 921 days ago
A 6-year-old snail whisperer; a family of fiddlers and step dancers; a singer from Wales; quick-change artists; a 5-year-old pianist from China; spelling challenge with a spelling bee champ.
aired 928 days ago
A 7-year-old dancer; twin boxers; an 11-year-old professional knife thrower; a talented young gospel singer; a unique horse jumper; an amazing group of banjo players.
aired 935 days ago
Amazing kids featured include a 5-year-old kung fu expert, a 12-year-old singer and harpist, a 4-year-old Shakespeare expert, an 8-year-old baton twirler, an 11-year old comic book artist, and a 9-year-old Latin dancer.
aired 942 days ago
A 4-year-old YouTube singing sensation; a contortion and acrobatic youth cirque troupe; a young female wrestler; piano-playing brothers; an inspirational singer; a girl dresses up as a hot dog on Princess Day.
aired 970 days ago
Highlights of the show's most popular performances, plus new acts and never before seen footage.
aired 977 days ago
A 7-year-old theater critic; pool-playing prodigy; the youngest dancer on Janet Jackson's tour; ballet duo; young rapper; cup stacker; drum line major; 6-year-old limbo skater.
aired 984 days ago
A 9-year-old piano player; yodeler; rock band; orchestra-conducting kid; jazz singer; 6-year-old dancer.
aired 991 days ago
Amazing kids featured include an incredible fiddler, a genius in math, a martial arts master, incredible dancers and a talented Motown performer.
aired 998 days ago
A singer who became an Internet sensation; a string quintet; a team of sibling magicians; spunky 5-year-old performer.
aired 1,005 days ago
Featured performers include twin tap dancers, a ventriloquist, a boxer, a dancer and a 4-year-old reciting an inspirational poem.
aired 1,012 days ago
A 4-year-old piano prodigy; salsa-dancing duo; a 6-year-old choir conductor; funny storyteller; a 5-year-old animal hypnotist.
aired 1,026 days ago
A 4-year-old basketball prodigy; a 5-year-old martial arts master; singing duo; spelling bee champion; a sassy dancer.
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Melissa McCarthy welcomes Jerry, a space expert; Caca, a soul singer; and Lele, a sugar artist; she also revisits some fun and inspirational moments with previous Little Big Shots.
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Melissa McCarthy introduces Asher, a future Paralympian; Vivian, an advocate for women toy soldiers; Selah, one of the youngest climbers of El Capitan; Keedron, a gospel singer; and the Albert Kids, a group with a nose for detective work.
VOD available
Melissa McCarthy introduces Havana, a young diplomat; Arren, a dynamite gymnast; Rosie, a hospital volunteer; Corbin, a ballet dancer; and Finley, an Elvis tribute performer; dancer Misty Copeland makes a special appearance.

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