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Life on Top

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Live of four girls living in Manhattan.

Latest episodes

aired 1,166 days ago
Melissa helps a college friend plan her wedding with help from the gang; Bella and Vincent grow closer.
aired 1,166 days ago
Melissa's "ladies night" plan for the club backfires.
aired 1,203 days ago
New bartender Nikki sparks erotic fantasies in men and women alike.
aired 1,205 days ago
Bella meets a guy on her way to class; Melissa makes a deal with a talent manager.
aired 1,207 days ago
Sophie's gambling takes a serious turn when Tai ups the ante; Cassia tells Andre she's leaving Les Delices.
aired 1,207 days ago
Bella struggles with getting older; Sophie makes her decision.
aired 1,210 days ago
Cassia opens her restaurant; Maya gets a shot at redemption; Sophie reconsiders a Vegas trip.
aired 1,212 days ago
Bella explores new options; Melissa gets a new job as a party promoter; Regina finds her old sexual bucket list.
aired 1,220 days ago
Regina learns she is dating a guy whose exes all marry the next guy they date.
aired 1,221 days ago
Sophie discovers another side to Vertex's assistant, Regina; D reveals his feelings to Maya.
aired 1,237 days ago
Tippi makes a decision about Peter; a surprising mutual attraction develops.
aired 1,239 days ago
Avi's ex-wife becomes a Venticap client.
aired 1,241 days ago
A power outage sheds light on the truth and secrets about hook-ups, cheating and desires are revealed.
aired 1,249 days ago
Regina attempts to complete her sexual bucket list before she turns 30.
aired 1,249 days ago
Doug takes a chance with a sexy guest DJ.
aired 1,250 days ago
Sophie has her first date with Tai; Maya is on the rebound; Bella finds an interest in photography.
aired 1,261 days ago
Bella has an age crisis as her birthday nears and Sophie plots a surprise party to cheer her up.
aired 1,261 days ago
Sophie gets her first wax; Bella spends time on the other side of the camera; Maya resumes her training.
aired 1,263 days ago
Sophie keeps thinking about her night with Avi; Maya and D's relationship grows stronger.
aired 1,263 days ago
Sophie and Avi try to reassure Giancarlo; Maya gets rejected; a tryst does not go as expected.
aired 1,294 days ago
Sophie receives an unusual proposition; Maya's job search continues; Sophie gets a surprise from Bella during a shopping trip.