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Legends & Lies: The Civil War

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Profiles of notable figures in American history through dramatic re-enactments, interviews with descendants and historians, and archival photographs.

Latest episodes

aired 406 days ago
The defeated South attempts to rewrite history by denying slavery was the root cause of the Civil War.
aired 413 days ago
John Wilkes Booth assassinates Abraham Lincoln; potentially reversing the South's Civil War loss with a single bullet.
aired 420 days ago
Union Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman burns Atlanta and marches to the sea; Abraham Lincoln's re-election; Robert E. Lee's surrender at Appomattox, Va.
aired 427 days ago
George McClellan poses a tough challenge to Abraham Lincoln's re-election; Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee clash on the battlefield.
aired 434 days ago
A U.S. senator, war hero and presidential aspirant who has much in common with Abraham Lincoln; Jefferson Davis answers the call to lead the Confederate States of America.
aired 441 days ago
Once drummed out of the army for drinking, Ulysses S. Grant earns his place as the North's best general; the Union's first black regiment marches into battle.
aired 448 days ago
The North turns back the South's invasion; a heroic bayonet charge led by Maine's Joshua Chamberlain; the doomed Confederate charge led by Gen. George Pickett.
aired 455 days ago
A Confederate victory at Chancellorsville, Va., comes at a high price; a Southern bullet accidentally mortally wounds Stonewall Jackson.
aired 462 days ago
Former slave Frederick Douglass pushes Abraham Lincoln to free his people; Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation after the bloody Battle of Antietam.
aired 469 days ago
Robert E. Lee, who once turned down command of Northern forces, becomes the top Confederate general; Ulysses S. Grant scores Union victories in the West.
aired 476 days ago
Abraham Lincoln becomes frustrated with his cautious commander, George McClellan, whose army gets routed at Manassas, Va.; Confederate Gen. "Stonewall" Jackson earns his nickname.
aired 483 days ago
Spotlighting radical abolitionist John Brown as he raids Harpers Ferry; setting the scene for the Civil War.