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Legend Hunter

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Scientist/explorer Pat Spain has investigated some of mankind's greatest oddities, bizarre creatures and mythical beasts. In "Legend Hunter," he continues to feed his avid thirst for adventure and innate curiosity by searching for answers to iconic mysteries. The seven-episode series sees Spain use his scientific expertise and innovative technology to investigate infamous tales of murder, theft and unexplained events. He embarks on a hunt to recover a $20 million stolen Irish fortune, finds new evidence that could reveal the identity of Jack the Ripper and goes on a quest for a werewolf-like creature purportedly in Elkhorn, Wis. He also reopens the infamous Lizzie Borden murder case to find out who really took an ax to her father and stepmother.

Latest episodes

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Pat Spain investigates the truth behind tales of vampires terrorizing New England in the 1800s; he consults historians and medical professionals to find out how such medieval beliefs gained a foothold at a time when science was taking off in America.
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Pat Spain travels across the United States to find out if mind control is real.
aired 167 days ago
Pat Spain searches the Southern California desert to find out the truth of the legend of a lost Spanish galleon loaded with treasure.
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Pat Spain travels to Wisconsin to uncover the truth about a werewolf-like creature sighted more than 30 times on a rural road near Elkhorn, Wis.; he tracks down eyewitnesses and uses new technology to try to capture the animal on film.
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Pat Spain sets out to try to solve one of the greatest murder mysteries of all time -- Jack the Ripper; his investigation uncovers evidence that links a new suspect to the murders.
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Pat Spain reopens the Lizzie Borden murder case to find out who really killed the young woman's father and stepmother; through his digging, Spain unearths a surprising new suspect never before connected to the case.
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Pat Spain searches for the Irish Crown Jewels stolen from Dublin Castle in 1907; he has three main suspects, and the investigation leads him to a former antiques shop in England where he believes the jewels may be hidden.