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Last Squad Standing

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Three groups of friends from around the United States compete for $100,000.

Latest episodes

aired 1,353 days ago
The surviving members from each team duke it out in the final challenge; one last twist leaves the finalists with a big decision that could change their friendships forever; The Last Squad Standing is finally crowned.
aired 1,358 days ago
A challenge sends someone to the hospital, who may not come back; all former squadmates return to cheer on the remaining players for the last challenge; romances are rekindled, rivalries are reignited and scores are finally settled.
aired 1,358 days ago
One squad is targeted in a challenge that lets teams knock their biggest competitor out of the game; Gia and Mike's growing relationship becomes a big issue for their squads; Gia is devastated after overhearing some harsh chatter.
aired 1,358 days ago
A spicy pepper challenge proves too hot for some squad members to handle; Mike and Jay form an unlikely bromance that could cause big consequences in the game; one squad member's birthday celebration ends in disaster.
aired 1,358 days ago
Detroit's constant infighting and hookups with rival squad members brings a teammate to a breaking point; the Jersey Bosses fight for leadership in their squad while the fear of another double elimination puts everyone on edge.
aired 1,358 days ago
A devastating loss in the challenge forces one squad to choose between friendship and strategy; Mike will do whatever it takes to seal the deal with Gia; Starrz realizes he may be in too deep with Charmaine.
aired 1,358 days ago
The first time teammates compete as individuals shows rival squads how strong each player really is; Ciera uses her sexuality to play both Jay from Jersey and Armond from Detroit; a shocking twist changes the game.
aired 1,358 days ago
New romances form in the house between rival squad members, causing big consequences for everyone involved; tension between the Detroit Players finally explodes, leading to a massive blow out that sends shock waves throughout the house.
aired 1,358 days ago
Competition in a tough physical challenge tears one squad apart; jealousy arises and histories are revealed as rival squad members Mike and Ivy get close; later someone must choose: stay loyal to their friends or follow their heart.
aired 1,359 days ago
Three sets of friends from across the country move into one house to compete for $100,000, and the title Last Squad Standing; Baltimore tries to use sexuality to manipulate Detroit; Jersey manages wildcard Jay.

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