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A smart and fearless collie named Lassie performs a series of heroic tasks for her human owners and friends. For the first several years of the series, Lassie lived on family farms, before moving on to work with forest rangers in the wilderness and ultimately settling in at Holden ranch, a ranch for troubled children.

Latest episodes

aired 289 days ago
Lassie and Timmy buy time for his father to find a lost monument.
aired 289 days ago
Farmers kill a lynx instead of the real marauder, a sheep-killing dog.
aired 289 days ago
Timmy causes hunters to become confused and lost.
aired 290 days ago
Floods threaten the farm, and Paul is trapped by fallen power lines while the party lines are busy.
aired 296 days ago
Timmy tries to raise a mischievous baby pig.
aired 296 days ago
Lassie acts strangely when Timmy takes care of a neighbor's pups.
aired 296 days ago
Fight promoters steal a rooster that Timmy has nursed back to health.
aired 297 days ago
A lost baby elephant takes refuge on the Miller farm.
aired 303 days ago
Mr. Martin's crop is endangered by his new neighbor.
aired 303 days ago
A mink farmer is blamed for chickens being killed every night.
aired 303 days ago
The Martins invest in a pedigreed cow just as an epidemic breaks out.
aired 304 days ago
Cub Scouts become trapped when they leave a picnic area.
aired 310 days ago
Lassie sets out to rescue Timmy's wounded homing pigeon.
aired 310 days ago
Timmy tries to warn farmers about an infestation of grasshoppers.
aired 310 days ago
A dog falls into a crevice trying to elude hunters determined to kill him.
aired 311 days ago
A guinea pig in a space capsule crashes near the Martin Farm.
aired 317 days ago
Timmy sets out to stop rustlers by using their own tricks against them.
aired 317 days ago
Timmy and Sam run away when they think they have killed a friend.
aired 317 days ago
The editor of the local paper does not believe a robbery is about to occur.
aired 318 days ago
Uncle Petrie's accident points out the importance of a hospital.
aired 324 days ago
Lassie tracks down a phantom visitor after Timmy sees a flying saucer land.

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