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Ladies of London

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There are cultural differences between England and America in many respects. But that doesn't stop British socialites like Caroline Stanbury from running in similar social circles with American expats, including Juliet Angus and Marissa Hermer, who enjoy a posh London lifestyle. The women adhere to the city's unwritten rules that one's reputation is everything and respect is not easily earned. Also featured on the docuseries is Julie Montagu, an Illinois native who is married to the heir to the Earl of Sandwich.

Latest episodes

aired 90 days ago
Marissa makes a decision about the future; Caroline Fleming gets news about her cookbook; Sophie decides to tell her children about her separation; the women gather at a goodbye party for Caroline Stanbury to give her a royal sendoff.
aired 90 days ago
Adela, Caroline Stanbury and Sophie have a slumber party; Juliet revisits her past when her mother arrives to visit; Caroline Fleming throws a Midsummer's Eve party, but the celebration turns into a nightmare after a secret comes to light.
aired 399 days ago
The women celebrate the queen's birthday in London; Marissa and Sophie rediscover their wild sides; Juliet asks Caroline Stanbury and Caroline Fleming to join her for a trendy pub crawl, but their happy hour is ruined when bickering ensues.
aired 399 days ago
Caroline Stanbury adjusts to life without the Gift Library; the women wonder if Annabelle trusts them enough to show up at the winter bash, where a new "queen bee" is buzzing.
aired 399 days ago
The women deal with the fallout from Caroline Stanbury's shenanigans on New Year's Eve; Marissa gets great press for her Top Dog restaurant; Caroline Fleming visits her grandmother in Denmark; Caroline Stanbury fights for her library.
aired 399 days ago
Annabelle has an accident while training for a race; Caroline throws a dinner party and invites the ladies, and she gives Juliet and Noelle private lessons in British etiquette; Caprice arrives late but has big news to share; Noelle tries not to take sides in Caroline and Caprice's issue but falls into the middle of it anyway.
aired 542 days ago
Caroline Fleming throws an eccentric holiday party; Annabelle helps Julie build her confidence; Caroline Stanbury deals with the difficulties of running a business; Juliet and Marissa meet to decide the fate of their damaged friendship.
aired 764 days ago
The women head to a high-society rowing event, The Henley Royal Regatta; Adela confronts Juliet over her constant negativity; Julie takes Sophie to task over her loyalty; Caroline Fleming revives an old family tradition; Marissa consults a doctor.
aired 764 days ago
Caroline Stanbury's getaway with the women continues with whiskey and haggis; Juliet makes an effort to rein in her temper; Caroline Fleming organizes an innocent game with balloons that turns X-rated.
aired 764 days ago
Before moving to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Caroline Stanbury takes all of the women on a trip to Scotland; Caroline Fleming feels right at home staying in a 15th-century castle; Adela opens up about her troubled past.
aired 890 days ago
Julie's daughter picks dresses for Leaver's Ball and prepares to leave for University; Caroline Fleming deals with the legacy and burden of her family estate; Adela and Caroline Stanbury confront each other at Marissa's cocktail party.
aired 891 days ago
An argument erupts at Julie's first dinner party; loyalty issues erode Caroline Stanbury's relationship with Sophie; Caroline Fleming and Juliet gossip about Marissa's choice to leave her baby behind to party in the Hamptons.
aired 914 days ago
Caroline Fleming seeks help from her therapist; Marissa's baby gets sick and is rushed to the hospital; Julie looks forward to hosting the women at the family estate, but mounting tensions come to a head when the house rules are laid down.
aired 918 days ago
Caroline and Sophie battle it out over family loyalties; Julie seeks to makes big changes at the family estate, but she doubts herself as an American; Marissa welcomes her new baby; Caroline Fleming makes the ultimate red carpet slip-up.
aired 918 days ago
Julie Montagu and her husband, Luke, take over his family estate; a life-threatening condition dampens the joy of the birth of Marissa's third child; Caroline Stanbury's sister-in-law, Sophie, finds herself in the middle of a feud.
aired 933 days ago
Tension between Caprice and Caroline ignites at Caroline's dinner party; Caprice packs for the States; Caroline and Juliet's friendship grows; Noelle must choose a side.
aired 933 days ago
Juliet is unable to accept the change when Marissa becomes a British citizen; Annabelle continues training for a charity horse race; Caprice takes on a new model for a photo campaign; Noelle and Scot move in together.
aired 934 days ago
The ladies travel to the Mapperton estate, home to the Earl and Countess of Sandwich, hoping for a weekend of fun and games to bring the group back together.
aired 934 days ago
Juliet hosts a hat party in hopes of making amends; Annabelle puts on a runway show; Noelle and Scot have relationship trouble; the ladies' royal friend invites them on a weekend getaway.
aired 934 days ago
Caprice enjoys her recent tabloid headline successes; Juliet and Marissa throw a Fourth of July party; a conflict breaks out among the ladies.
aired 934 days ago
Set in the glittering, class-conscious city of London, Ladies of London follows a group of elite British socialites, along with American expats, who all run in similar social circles, but are worlds apart.

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